Fin! Lewa Wilderness has now closed its doors after a sensational and wonderfully busy season. Do not worry, it is only for November. As the rain encroaches on the horizon of the Lewa Conservancy, the animals begin to hunker down to keep dry beneath the canopies of the yellow fever trees and as the rain hits the ground, the smell of petrichor radiates from the earth.

Having had fabulous weather throughout the season, with many a phenomenal viewing of lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah and many more, there is still a chance to enjoy all of this in the months of December. There is a bit of availability between the 22-24thDecember, but this will not last long, so please get in touch to find out whether there is space still available for you pre-Christmas celebrations! You will not regret it!

The wonderful Forest Day trips, which continue to go down well with any guest that arrives into Lewa Wilderness, have had a minor price increase. It would be a sin to miss out on the magical Ngare Ndare Forest excursions. Dive into the blue and cooling waters below a very picturesque waterfall or walk up high within the canopy of the forest trees on the canopy bridge. This trip is a must to consider when staying at and of the Lewa properties. If you would like some more information on costs and experiences surrounding Lewa, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The world, as it should be, is becoming increasingly more aware of pollution and the effect climate change is having on our environment. At the fore front of all of this are many of the safari lodges we work alongside with. Many of the lodges are almost entirely eco-friendly, many of which winning awards for the work they are doing to show this. From being almost entirely self-sufficient with regards to produce, with food grown entirely on the property grounds, some of the camps and lodges are now turning away from the traditional petrol or diesel fed cars and are embracing the electrical frontier! When Lewa Wilderness opens its doors in early December, they will be the proud eco-warriors with their electric safari car.

One final announcement, Lewa Wilderness still have some spaces on their Lewa Borana Conservation Safari which is rapidly filling up in March 2019. Led by Kip Ole Polos, a passionate conservationist who is equally as passionate at sharing his thirst for conservation, especially within the Lewa Borana Conservancy. The aim of this unique and thoroughly informative safari is to show the efforts that are in place to working to protect the landscapes and wildlife within Africa, as well as getting an insight and exclusive access in the Lewa-Borana Game Count.

The Safari will begin on Saturday 2ndMarch 2019 where you will be taken to The Emakoko within Nairobi’s National Park – from day one, you will come face to face with rhino perhaps, just metres from the hustle and bustle of the city of Nairobi. Day 2 will consist of visiting the Giraffe Centre, lunch within the Karen neighbourhood before going on to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to meet the orphaned elephants, some of which have lost their family to human-wildlife conflict. Enjoy the next three days within Lewa. Having caught a flight from Nairobi Wilson, you will touch down into Lewa Downs Airstrip where you will be taken to Lewa Wilderness, here you will meet Kip. During your stay at Lewa Wilderness you will visit the Elephant Underpass, meet the local village chief as well as a visit to the Operations room at HQ Lewa to meet the tracker dogs. There is of course much much more to enjoy on this unique trip, so please get in contact to book as well as to find out more of what you will get up to out in the Lewa Conservancy – this is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity.