Do not miss out on the dream offer! You would be totally mad if you did. Especially if it is combining the likes of the Seychelles. With the festive season literally on our doorstep, this is the time to act now! Perhaps you’re the type of person who thrives off adrenaline and doesn’t plan on thinking about presents until Christmas eve… well this special 20% discount offer is right up your street!

Masons Travel are offering the ultimate in ‘dream offers’ making sure they always have happy customers. Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, through Masons Travel are now offering a wonderful festive offer of 20% discount on all-inclusive basis in all villa categories for ALL occupancies.

If you stay a minimum of five night, sadly with no children as the discounts do not apply on children sharing rooms, the rates will be discounted at 20% on your total booking. The Discount will only be applicable on all-inclusive basis in all villa categories in all occupancies. This offer is not valid on group bookings and is only valid for new bookings and unfortunately not for any previously booked trips that have been booked and confirmed.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to take advantage of this seasonal booking, perfect for that incredibly special Christmas present to a loved one.

The Seychelles is a stunning place to spend more than five days as well, with wonderfully electric blues and greens emanating from the ocean and land, cool breezes coming off the warm Indian ocean, fabulous marine life on which you can peer down upon whilst snorkelling off the coast. The colours of the corals are honestly electric, and the marine life is stunning and truly fascinating. It’s almost like stepping into a David Attenborough nature program but you can experience this in real life!

Sip wine, gin and tonics or even a healthy smoothie as you recline on a sumptuously squashy sun bed watching the sun disappear below the horizon. Take in the sights sounds and smells of this remarkable location and you will ultimately leave wishing you couldn’t!