It’s always exciting to hear new things. Or to receive new things as well. Which brings me on to telling you some exciting news about a new renovation about to take place at Tswalu’s Motse! Ooo, it’s just too exciting to type about! I’ll give you a little insight into what to expect, just a teaser mind, I don’t want to ruin the surprise!


Tswalu, among other, is one of our top lodges we would suggest to anyone wanting to experience the ultimate in remote relaxation. Tswalu is one of the Kalahari’s largest private game reserves with well over 110,000 hectares of rolling mountains and rippling grasslands. Tswalu’s main concept is to ‘restore the Kalahari to itself’. The lodge itself is spacious and extremely well designed with no more than thirty guests at full capacity (not that you would realise there are other people staying there!) guests can really appreciate Tswalu’s priority, taking time to discover the sheer beauty of this arid and diverse with wildlife savannah.

From the 16thof January 2019, The Motse, part of Tswalu’s superb accommodation, will be closing its doors to the public as it undergoes a bit of a makeover. Both the interior of The Motse as well as the exterior of this building will be having a facelift but, we are promises, the finished product will still maintain a sense of barefoot luxury. Their main focus within the design will be to focus on the following: Openness, Freedom, Space, Light and ultimately rarefied privacy. But it still emanates these I hear you ask? Well, it will be somewhat better than before, for sure.

The Tarkuni Homestead will be remaining opening for the duration of the renovation on tiered rates making it a truly private homestead experience which will be much more accessible to families and smaller groups of couples or friends.

It is somewhat ironic that The Motse should be undergoing a change or as the lodges name itself suggests ‘a new beginning’. If you were looking to book Tswalu for that once in a lifetime trip, then you really wouldn’t be disappointed. Each game drive is tailor made just for you. If you have a particular interest, whether it be birds, the ‘big five’ or even the ‘small five’ or the ‘ugly five’ then Tswalu’s highly trained guides will make sure they do their utmost to finds them for you. It is worth noting that apart from the famous ‘fives’ there are many many wonderful, rare, magical and endangered species to be found within this private game reserve, ask your guides and here’s where you can begin your real safari adventure.

The Motse is expected to re-open its doors on the 18thJune 2019 and we will keep you posted if there is any further news with anything else going on at Tswalu. If you would like any more information on Southern Africa’s Kalahari and the wonders of Tswalu in particular, or even to book your stay for post June 2019, please do not hesitate to send us through an email, or give us a call, we will not hesitate to tell you all about it!