These are worrying times we are all facing currently but our aim here at The Luxury Safari Company, is to keep the moral going and feed you with positive thoughts about the wonderful things, sightings, experiences and anything in particularly positive coming from Africa. To be honest, of all the places we could escape to right now would be the middle of the bush! So, we want to be able to pass on anything positive to keep you going.

This week, we will be focusing on the best locations for big cat viewing.

One of our favourite locations to travel to for fantastic Lion experiences is Kenya’s Masai Mara. Especially at these certain camps – Our number one camp would be Offbeat Mara. This wonderfully small and intimate camp is located within the heart of 3 adjoining prides of lion: The Offbeat Pride, The River Pride and The Marsh Pride. So, you will undoubtedly have some fantastic lion viewing opportunities here. As the sun disappears below the horizon and the night time chorus begins to strike up their evening performance, you will most definitely hear the primeval sounds thrumming from the throats of the lions from each of these prides, making sure they know they are still very much in the area and most definitely warning others if they are too close to their territory. The sound of a lion’s roar is one you will never forget, a noise that will stay with you forever.

The next place we would suggest is Zambia, either in the Lower Zambezi or in the South Luangwa – how about combining the two and experiencing two different areas as well as different prides of lion? Sounds incredibly appealing does it not. Combine the likes of Sausage Tree Camp on the Lower Zambezi, where you will have your own private guide and also enjoy newly refurbished rooms and of course be treated like kings and enjoy the excellent service and the absolutely unbelievably delicious food this camp cooks up! Take our word for it, the food is literally to die for! Then head up to Puku Ridge in the South Luangwa to stay at Chinzombo – pure luxury and a wonderful place to relax and take in your surroundings. There is a resident pride of lions who are ruled over by the two brothers: Ginger and Garlic. These two beautiful male lions are incredibly majestic and the have the girls eating out of the palm of their hands! Being up close and personal with these two boys is incredibly impressive, especially when they are in full below, alerting every one of their sheer power within the local area.

Finally, Southern Tanzania and in particular Ruaha. Ruaha is probably one of the most magical places you could find. Between 4.30 and 6pm just before the sun sets, this is the golden hour in the park: the light on everything emits this rich, warm, golden colour, imprinting golden hued images on your memory forever. The lions here are much larger than anywhere else and have a huge presence on the surrounding wildlife. Stay on the top of the hill at Ikuka where you overlook the stunning reserve. Or stay at Jabali Ridge where your suppers will be joined by the resident genet cats.

If you would like to book your stay at any of these destinations for 2021, please do not hesitate to get in contact, or give us a call as we love to talk about Africa, almost until the cows come home!