We have some excellent news when it comes to superb special offers. News just in, there are scenic air flights and AND transfers from the Samburu into Northern Kenya meaning there is now an easier and much faster way to visit Reteti Elephant Sanctuary if you are staying at either Saruni Samburu or Saruni Rhino.

What better way is there to really enjoy your trip with the added bonus of incorporating a stunning scenic flight over the phenomenal landscape of northern Kenya. You can now enjoy this birds eye view of the Samburu from the beginning of July right until the end of September 2018 – for only $700* usd for a five-seater plane, you are now able to fly from the Kalama airstrip or even Sera airstrip right to Reteti. Once you land into the sanctuary you can spend two hours with the residents here and then hop back on the plane and fly back to Kalama or Sera airstrip and continue your stay at Saruni Samburu or Saruni Rhino!

How perfect is that?!

Continuing on with the scenic bird’s eye view opportunities, if you would like a scenic opportunity that is on steroids (!) this would cost you a total of $850* for a plane as well as visiting Reteti – but, this option has the additional bonus of an added 20 minutes of scenic flying! BOOM!

(*we must just mention the above cost does not include the added $20 per person upon entering Reteti Elephant Sanctuary)

The five seater plane is a small cesna 206 and is a light aircraft specifically designed for full visability requirements for a bush plane – the wings are positioned above the windows making sure guests have a non-obtrusive vision of the stunning and versatile landscape norther Kenya has to offer.