Along the banks of the Boro river in the private concession bordering the beautiful Moremi Game Reserve is Sanctuary Baines Camp. Now this camp has already been in place for a few years already, but it has recently undergone a superb and chique redesign and even added one more luxury tented suite – they’re still keeping it small and boutique though, so don’t worry.

Raised up on wooden stilts and sprawling wooden decking is still the style of this wonderful camp, although slightly more space has been added. The stand-alone suites have been renovated to incorporate larger space throughout, extended decking which more than invites the wonderful scenery in and making sure you don’t miss any part of the wildlife action from your own personal and private space. To top this off they have incorporated bold artistic interiors making sure guest feel completely part of this wonderfully rich wildlife eco-system where the arid deserts meet the wetlands of the delta.

Within the luxury tented suites, you will find bold and vast windows letting everything from outside in, providing a 3D painting effect inviting every view into your own bedroom. The combination with the bold artistic interiors makes for an effortless and truly relaxing feel throughout the camp, perfect for couples and honeymoon couples to relish in sharing such a delight.

Activities both relaxing and exciting await your experience at Sanctuary Baines Camp: enjoy morning and afternoon game drives, returning just after the sun has set beneath the delta’s horizon. Return to camp and enjoy and indulgent Star Bath – a freestanding bathtub on each private terrace outside on the deck of your own tent. Soak in the stunning starry canopy above whilst washing off the African dust from the wilderness – now if this doesn’t sound truly relaxing and beyond indulgent, then I don’t know what is! After your star bath, roll into your four-poster bed that can be wheeled out onto your private deck to continue your enjoyment of being outside below the African sky, with only the sounds of the African night time chorus begin its performance.

Wildlife sights abound at Sanctuary Baines Camp. Along the weaving interconnecting wooden walkways, you may come across the odd laughing hippos wallowing in the clear waters of the Boro River as you step onto the boat awaiting you at the end of the jetty. The main mess area of the camp is a collection of bright colours combined with the inspiration of the African earth surrounding it. From hanging chairs that scoop you up and make you disappear to intimate seating areas where you can snuggle up with a book or just enjoy the view, sights and sounds. During the evening, supper takes place in either the boma, where you can sip on delicious cocktails and unwind and swap tales by the light of the firepit before enjoying a sumptuous supper filled with African flavours and spices.

Safaris within this richly biodiverse region allows guests to learn about the stunning eco-system surrounding the area in which they are staying. During the flood of the Okavango, traditional Mokoro rides are a popular, enjoyable and very relaxing activity – look out for swamp adapted rare red lechwe antelope, slaty egrets and painted reed frogs. Walk with orphaned elephants, Jabu and Morula through the bush with expert guide and renowned specialist Doug and Sandi Groves. Watch the two elephants wallow, forage and amble through the Delta and surrounding bush. Sanctuary Baines Camp works very closely with the Elephants Foundation to help secure and protect the long-term future of these truly majestic animals.