It isn’t just the big five you should look out for on safari. The smaller things matter too and are just as fascinating, if not more so. Trai Anfield, the resident photographer at Alex Walkers Serian Camp, who was once a regular face as an environmental reporter, producer and film maker with the BBC in England. She has always had a passion for photography and nature. She presented BBC Radio 4’s flagship natural history programme, The Living World. She has now turned her passion for nature and photography into an almost full-time pursuit with remarkable results. Trai has recently written a wonderful write up on where she has been running a photography safari with guests, trying to capture the beauty of the Masai Mara:

‘This week I have been taking my guests here at Serian to see a tree.

You might not think that would be top of the excitement list when the Big Five are around, but this leather leaf tree has undergone a magical transformation – one of nature’s surprises so unlikely and magical it is difficult to describe or photograph. The tree has become host to thousands of tiny ermine moths. Together they have created a home so delicate and beautiful it seems to belong to another world. They have encased the whole tree – from the sturdiest roots to the tiniest leaves on the furthest branches – in a seamless pure white silk sheath.’

‘It shines rose gold in the first sun’s rays and silver in the moonlight, enchanting us for a few glorious days. No-one who sees the silk tree is unmoved by its beauty, and the scale is incomprehensible when we see the humble little creatures that have spun this web like world. Here in the silken safety the tiny moths laid their eggs, nourished the larvae and now the next generation is hatching out. One day soon they will spin another short-lived but wonder-filled silk tree.’

Another wonderful and inspiring photographer Serian has had the delight in hosting is Mike Dexter, who along with Trai Anfield, is another photographer in residence focusing on similar small details of the things you are likely to encounter whilst out on Safari. From playing with different techniques and advising guests on particular camera settings, both these photographers in residence have provided guests with an insight in how to capture the perfect picture.

Another piece of news from Serian is that the Green Season is well and truly upon us within the Masai Mara. From March through to June, Serian and many other camps label this time the ‘Emerald Season’ here you can witness wildlife opportunities like no other. The stunning plains are blissfully empty of crowds but awash with the growth of new life from the budding surrounding flora and fauna.

Finally, if you were looking for safari inspiration, then have a think about combining Serian’s Serengeti North Camp with nights out adventure fly camping yielding the magic of this spectacular location, giving you a glimpse into the wild, pure heart of a proper safari… as well as having the simple luxuries of all your creature comforts!