Sosian Lodge has been full of activity from July, and it sure has disappeared like a whirlwind!! Over 200 wonderful guests have passed through the lodge’s doors experiencing all the exciting things this superb camp have to offer. This summer, the team has been been led by Josh Outram, using his endless energy, charming enthusiasm and excellent hospitality it has been a summer to never forget.

For those who want to take their smaller ones on a safari for that once in a lifetime experience, the Sosian is most definitely one of the places to think about. So far this summer, Sosian has hosted 25 families entertaining the smaller ones is a breeze. Bordom often strikes the younger generation during the middle of the day (when ideally you would enjoy a nice siesta!) and annoyingly on safari, often many of the animals are escaping the midday heat – but, find a tree on the banks of the river and you have your own David Attenborough episode of Africa (sadly without the legend himself, but I am sure you have a witty party member who can have a good go at imitating him!) Bring on endless flows of plains game such as Zebra, waterbuck, perhaps a giraffe or two, even elephants and maybe, just maybe a lion, leopard or something else! The highlight perhaps would be watching the elephant enjoy a nice cool off in the water, splashing away! This will definitely entertain the younger ones… and the older ones too!

The Ewaso Narok River has provided Sosian and their guests with hours of entertainment. For those adventurous ones amongst you, this is THE perfect place for tubing, kayaking and even water fall jumping! All we can say is wow!

Sosian Lodge work very closely with Lion Landscapes and Labai, one of the collared lionesses collared earlier this year. Labai has apparently joined forces with two other female lioness and are raising a total of 5 cubs together, without the presence of a male lion – single mothers should be proud! Labai herself is a relatively shy lioness, the cubs however are incredibly inquisitive and have truly shown off to the guests of Sosian.

Something to tick off the bucket list, horse rilding safaris is a must – I am relatively biast as this is how I personally started my passion for everything Africa, there really is nothing like embarking on a ‘game drive’ aboard a four legged animal, hearing the clip clopping through the bush and getting up close and personal to wildlife, as they think you are just an unusual passing herd. The overnight fly camping with the horses for the more experience riders should be high on your list. The best part of this is that non-riders can walk and/or drive to meet you, enjoying their own game drive experience and then meet you at the sundowner spot to enjoy a sip of gin and tonic as the sun sets and the stars emerge.

Many safaris include a wonderful bush breakfast as a staple part of the safari day and at Sosian, this happens too. Arriving by either camel (yes, I said camel), horse, by foot or by vehicle, a set table beneath the shade of an acacia tree is really a welcome sight. Some spots are right by the river, so you can even throw in a line to see if you can catch your lunch..!

A huge highlight for the team at Sosian was when Prince William came to visit Ol Maisor Primary School. Sosian have been supporting this school for the past ten years so this was a very special occasion. This is the second time Sosian and the pupils and teachers at the school had the honour of meeting His Royal Highness. Prince William was visiting his regiment, the 1st Battalion Irish Guards who are currently training in Laikipia. The British Army as a whole are providing a much needed support within the area with Ol Maisor Primary School being the lucky recipients of a watering bore hold and some more class rooms.

Pick up the phone and give us a call to find out more details of what you can get up to at Sosian and within Kenya as a whole, the list really is endless, so talk to us to find out exactly what you would like to do and we can whittle down the choices to make them perfect for you!