New Year, New Me and all that! We have new camps opening up this year! One of the camps we are most excited about is Takwela – meaning ‘we have taken off’ – located in the North Luangwa’s vast wilderness and one of the most undiscovered reserves within Zambia. If you go on safari here, you are almost guaranteed to not bump into anyone else for hours, with wildlife sightings all to yourself!

This wonderfully remote and truly exciting area of North Luangwa is immensely historical and with over 4,600 kmsq, you have ample space for tracking down all sorts of wildlife. Takwela will be opening its doors on the 22ndJuly 2019 – perfect time to jet away for the summer holidays and will be open until 31stOctober. Takwela will encompass everything from the surrounding area, inspired by the natural hues of the North Luangwa, the camp will be made from local and natural materials, with solar power throughout. With a maximum of 4 x guests in 2 en-suite chalets with 2 double beds each, this will be a really unique small and intimate camps (there will be a few more chalets to be added for 2020)

Enjoy morning and evening game drives, big game safari walks through the bush where you have a variety of areas to explore and encounter different and unique wildlife opportunities.

Combine this new camp with Mwaleshi Camp, also located within Zambia’s North Luangwa. To access the camps within this remote area, you will have to charter a small cesna caravan directly to Mwaleshi airstrip which takes about 2 and a half hours from Lusaka, 35 minutes from Mfuwe or 25 minutes from Lukuzi. Once you have arrived into the North Luangwa, you will be met by your expert safari guide and thrown straight into it – with a very relaxing game drive! As you mosy your way towards Mwaleshi and  Takwela by luxury 4×4 vehicle, you also have a choice of really getting stuck in with the choice of a 3 and a half hour walk to the camp – the choice is up to you!

You can also access the North Luangwa with scheduled Proflight flights that have daily flights between Lusaka and Mfuwe which must arrive into the North Luangwa by midday – so you don’t miss out!

The North Luangwa National Park is a very unspoiled and highly protected and very safe area to explore and enjoy. Highlights throughout the last few months have included wonderful lion sightings, herds of elephant, clans of hyena, buffalo, leopard, hippo and even the rare, fast moving and elusive wild dog. There is a very successful black rhino sanctuary within the park that is vastly helping save this endangered species and is worth a visit and finding out more about.

Zambia is one of our favourite destinations to go within Africa. It is such a versatile, beautiful and friendly country to enjoy. Combine the stunning Lower Zambezi on the banks of the river with the beautiful North or South Luangwa for the ultimate safari, streaks ahead of any other destination… we will let you be the judge of that!