Explore Tanzania in the only I feel it should be done. I, Sophie, started my passion for everything that involves Africa from working on a horseback Safari down in Karongwe in South Africa ten years ago. I was a ‘back up guide’ so followed groups of expectant and exited guests bushwhacking our way through the African bush, galloping with herds of wildebeest, towers of giraffes and memories of elephants, splashing the guest’s minds with wonderful memories for themselves.

There is something incredibly romantic about the idea of a safari on horseback, no motor noise from a land rover engine, no smelly engine fumes just the steady clip clopping on the dry African earth, which could almost be mistaken for a passing herd of zebra. I would stress, if you are not a proficient rider, a fair few riding lessons before you venture out on your African adventure is a must, just in case you encounter something exciting around the corner. Remember, it is rarely the horses fault a problem happens, most of the time it is instigated by the rider, a good work man never blames his tools and all that!

Anyway, I digress massively and am probably telling you to suck lemons but exploring the African bush on horseback is magical. Kaskazi horse safaris take you off the beaten track of the main roads, away from the engines, away from the busy crowds, Kaskazi allows you to explore Africa from the shadows of Mt Kilimanajro, with its snow-capped peaks, come face to face with nature at its best, fabulous tribes who welcome you with open arms introducing you to the true traditions they still follow closely.

Come face to face with towering elephants from your horse, gallop across the open plains of the Serengeti surrounded by the thousands upon thousands of wildebeest meandering their way on their mighty migratory journey, you can become part in the greatest migration on earth!

Tanzania on horseback is truly unique and definitely away from the hustle of the crowds in the main national parks in Kenya for example. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that you come face to face with wonderful personal encounters no one else will see. Being off the safety of the beaten path has its benefits! Being on horseback also allows you to be much much closer to the flora and fauna as well, you can really take advantage of properly tracking an animal, smelling the wonderful bush plant smells of jasmine, basil and much more, stir up flurries of beautiful white winged butterflies, scare a burrowing warthog out of its reverie and watch it dash off into the undergrowth, tail held high like a little radio mast!

If you would any more information on booking a horse safari, please do not hesitate to contact us, as you can tell, I will talk until the cows come home about how enchanting this type of safari is. Once you go, you will return home thinking it was a dream, a dream you will be hooked on and I can guarantee you will want to re-live it all over again.