Travelling to Tanzania? We would just like to make you aware of some updates that have recently been released from the tourism board. Please read below the notification from one of our high end travel partners who are always in the know with vital information such as this:

“Please be aware that with immediate effect Kilimanjaro airport has changed the process of issuing visa’s on arrival. There has been no prior warning of this change, and what was a fairly simple and easy process has overnight, become more time consuming. Anyone who will be arriving into Kilimanjaro without a visa will now need to complete the following process:

  • Queue for a Government Control Number
  • Queue to pay for this at the bank
  • Queue for Immigration to check and issue the visa

Please take note of the above process as this will be quite time consuming, much more so than it was before but it will be fine, just take a bit more time. Alternatively, we would strongly recommend that those who still have time before they travel, should apply prior to their Tanzania visit online at the following address:

This online process asks for more information than a visa on arrival and are issued within 2 – 3 weeks.

The changes at Kilimanjaro has meant that the visa on arrival process can take in excess of two house and of course, we would much prefer you, our guests, to not have to go through this arduous process at the start of your adventure. We have been reassured that there are measures being put in place to make this process much quicker but until that has happened, we want to make sure you have the most up to date knowledge and information attained prior to your arrival.

For those who will not have enough time to acquire your visa before departure online, our ground agents will do their very best to make sure your arrival into Kilimanjaro is as quick and as easy as possible.”

This should not put you off your journey to Tanzania however, it will only be a few hours prior to your adventure which will take a bit of time, but your connecting flights will all be aware of this extra-long visa process and will not depart without you!

If you are after ideas for a Tanzania Safari then how about you indulge in the ultimate northern circuit safari which includes the Tarangire National Park, followed by the Ngorongoro Crater, then the Serengeti, then perhaps finish your trip with a few days in Zanzibar… Sounds dreamy? You’re right, it is. Now for the properties… First stop at Chem Chem or Little Chem Chem, located just outside Tarangire National Park near Lake Burunge. Or head into the park and stay at Kuro Tarangire or Olivers Camp.

Now up to the Ngorongoro Crater where you could enjoy breathtaking views of he Crater and even the Serengeti Plains when staying at Entamanu Ngorongoro, or stay at Ngorongoro Crater lodge on the other with quirky rooms leaning into the crater, or if you would like to stay away from the busy Crater, head to The Highlands just outside the Crater Walls.

Your penultimate stay, or even your last stay depending on whether you would like to solely enjoy the safari or whether you would like to finish off in Zanzibar … Anyway, the Serengeti, there is a lot to enjoy here and it depends what time of year you are visiting as the Serengeti is so vast, it really comes down to time of year and where the migration of wildebeest are depends on whether we would advise you head towards the central Serengeti, west, north, east or Grumeti! Or you may well have a preference to one such lodge or camp which we can advise.

So do get in contact and we can talk to you in more detail about when you would like to go, at what time of year and we can tell which places would be perfect for you!