Continuing on from our blog a few weeks ago where we were going through some ideas of safaris for you – we began in Kenya – and now we want to take you a couple of hundred miles south to the border of Kenya, just over in fact, into Northern Tanzania we want to take you and provide you with some wonderful lodges to tantalise those travelling taste buds!

We break Northern Tanzania into two – if you have the budget, we would definitely suggest you experience three varied and wonderful places to visit: Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater finishing off with the Serengeti. If your budget cannot stretch too much, then not to worry, how about combining the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, or just two locations in the Serengeti? You see, there are almost limitless ideas and combinations we can help you organise for your safari. We will finish with the Serengeti in our next blog – there are too many wonderful lodges to suggest!

Lets start with Tarangire. Top of our list would be Chem Chem – any of them to be perfectly honest! Chem Chem Lodge is the more luxurious out of the three camps and the rooms are wonderfully spacious, the beds incredibly comfortable and the sights and sounds wonderful. Imagine catching some sun by the pool whilst watching a journey of giraffe meandering past… pure bliss! Something a bit more on the rustic safari side? then Little Chem Chem or Forest Chem Chem are the ones for you. The traditional canvas tents with lots of space inside, delightful and authentic bucket showers (with running water and flushing loos) means you can get that bit closer to nature. Did I mention the food at Chem Chem… just delicious! take my word for it!

If none of these tickle your fancy, then Kuro Tarangire is another wonderful camp. This is one of the top eco-lodges in Tarangire National Park (Chem Chem is located within its very own private concession on the border to Tarangire National Park – extra payment for park fees is required if you want to venture into Tarangire National Park from Chem Chem). Kuro Tarangire is wonderfully rustic boutique chiq. All rooms are made with local material and combine both canvas tents and a wooden structure. This camp is located on the side of a small river bed which is often frequented by lots of elephants who use this as as sort of elephant highway.

From Tarangire, hop on a small cesna caravan or drive the next couple of hours to the Ngorongoro. this incredible natural formation, on first views, looks like a mega meteorite crater. But you would be wrong. The Ngorongoro Crater was once a huge volcano, many many centuries ago, almost as high, if not higher, as Mt Kilimanjaro! It erupted with such force it then collapsed in on itself to form what is now the the wildlife rich Ngorongoro Crater. One of our top places to stay would be Entamanu Ngorongoro, which is located away from many of the other lodges that dot the crater rim (there are no lodges within the crater). This camp is another wonderful eco-lodge that could be completely removed and you would have no idea there was ever a camp there in the first place. On one side of Entamanu Ngorongoro you have the stunning view of the crater, and then on the other, you look out onto the flat plains of the Serengeti. Entamanu is well known for its wonderful main area with cosy fires and squishy sofas – you have to try the amarula and hot chocolate, utterly delicious.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is another one of our preferred lodges to recommend – this wonderfully and very quirky lodge is a complete melting pot with regards to design. Its something a little different that will appeal to some and perhaps not others. The service at this camp is impeccable and you will feel very well looked after here.

Finally, take a small step outside the crater walls and we recommend The Highlands. Again, another very differently designed camp, all rooms are within what looks like moon pods, making sure you can eat up all the views this camp has to offer, as well as feeling cosy and warm. You will have to drive a small distance to descend down into the Ngorongoro (The Highlands is located on its own smaller crater of an old volcano) the location of this camp is much more private compared to that of the Ngorongoro Crater.

All of the camps we recommend in the Crater is a choice only you can decide – it depends whether you are looking for friendly, comfortable, quirky, luxurious and glamours, or perhaps you are more inclined to modern and private? Give us a call to talk through some options so we can help you choose the right location for you and when the right time to visit would be for you.

Next week we will focus on all things the Serengeti has to offer!