News from the Time + Tide properties. Time + Tide have a fantastic collection of extremely comfortable and all of their properties channel the ultimate in barefoot luxury. We have recently received a glowing newsletter of all the goings on with projects they are involved with throughout Africa, many of the funding for which comes from donations from the wonderful guests that stay with them.

With Madagascar about one year ago, five crowned lemurs made their way to Nosy Ankao with Time + Tide Foundation first species translocation. Working with local partners as well as government authorities, these wonderful lemurs were moved from an area of high poaching on the mainland to the safety of our island’s forested interior. This took place within November 2017 and we have some exciting news that they have had the first baby lemur born on the island. For the first year, this is the most vulnerable time for baby lemurs, so, of course, this little lemur is being monitored very closely.

Within Time + Tide’s extremely luxurious Miavana, they have taken almost ten years to bring together a very exciting exhibition of artefacts from the African continent and surrounding area. Called the Cabinet de Curiosities, you can witness and explore some of Madagascar’s rich, cultural and natural heritage. Over 80% of animals and plants found within the continent of Madagascar are endemic to the country. Within this fascinating collection you will find the likes of the largest known avian egg from the elephant bird, the ammonites within the collection range from 68-380 million years old. Relics from the Malagasy Tribal Chiefs clothing and even a fantastic collection of cannons that were recovered from a 16thcentury shipwreck just off the coast of Madagascar also feature within this incredible collection of curiosities, only found at Time + Tide’s Miavana – surely that’s one reason to visit?!

One of the continents best kept secrets is Zambia’s beautiful Liuwa Plain National Park, home to Africa’s second largest wildebeest migration. Though the dedicated conservation efforts of Time + Tide’s partner, African Park, they have seen an increase in the wildebeest population form around 13,000 to well over 40,000 animals over just 15 years.

Ecotourism brings the invaluable benefits to remote destinations that are essential for their long-term sustainability and preservation. As the only permanent camp within the national park, Time + Tide’s King Lewanika promises exclusive access to the incredible wilderness from late October to mid-July. Just as the season is kicking off, the wildebeest herds make their way into the southern reaches of the park where the lodge is located. This is the perfect destination to combine Chinzombo in the South Luangwa with King Lewanika – and you will also get one free night if you do!

If you would like some more information on the perfect combinations for the ultimate safari in Zambia or Madagascar, do not hesitate to get in contact. Visit Zambia as well as Madagascar now before it becomes too popular, these two countries really are undiscovered jewels and a must to add to your destination bucket list – all you have to do now is tick it off!