We will take you on a tour of Tanzania now, not the normal northern circuit most people have probably heard of, but we will take you out west towards Lake Tanganyika and then south towards the wilds of Ruaha with its tall baobabs and golden evening light, then finish in the lush Selous with its huge lions. So, sit back and let us take you on journey to some of the most wonderful properties Tanzania has to offer – this is a post Covid journey that is, so we will highlight how these properties are ensuring you feel safe and hygienic at all costs.

You land into Kilimanjaro. You will have already had to fly with your mask on and all the cabin crew will have been wearing masks as well. All passengers flying to Africa will also require a certificate proving you are Covid free – without this, you will not be able to fly. When leaving the plane, you will do so row by row so as not to come into close contact with the other people on your flight – doing this also makes going through customs a lot slicker with queues less likely. When travelling with The Luxury Safari Company, you will be met by one of our representatives who will assist you through this process as well, to make things a lot more fluid for you. You will then be assisted onto your connecting small plane hop to Mahale, via the Serengeti.


Sitting within the shadow of the Mahale Mountains and on the shores of the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, this property exudes adventure that is most definitely off the beaten path. On arrival into Mahale, you will be met by one of the staff members from Greystoke who will be wearing a mask and have hand sanitizer at the ready to greet you. You will then hop on board a motorised dhow and make your way down the shores of the lake before seeing the white sandy shores and large thatched roof of the mess area on a final bend of your journey.

Greystoke Mahale is a very small and very intimate property and hygiene is of the utmost importance because of the kind of safari you will enjoy here – although your safety is paramount, the protection of the chimpanzees that live in the forest behind the lodge is a lot more important! During your stay, staff will be wearing masks and there will be hand sanitizer in every room. Dining will be private, or at a socially acceptable distance.


Once you have had the trip of a lifetime at the wonderful Greystoke, it is time to fly down to Ruaha – a very different location. Ruaha is famous for its history – where the local tribes battled the unrelenting German presence during the second world war and defeated them first time round with only spear against guns! The wildlife viewing here is superb, and the golden light shining through the baobab forests is something you will want to return to again and again. Arriving into Ruaha, you will be met off the plane by your safari guide who will be wearing a mask and have hand sanitizer at the ready. Your vehicle will be private, and will have been wiped down thoroughly in between guests, so no contamination should cross.

Although the rooms in Jabali Ridge‘s main lodge are all very spacious and private and their cleanliness, even prior to Covid, was superb, so we have no doubt in our minds that post Covid this will be an issue – Jabali Private House however is the perfect place to completely distance yourself from other guests. You will not come into contact with anyone else apart from your own private staff. With your own private plunge pool, you can enjoy sipping a gin and tonic taking in the quiet and peaceful surroundings of Jabali’s Private House. There are a couple of resident Genet’s which are always a highlight to evenings entertainment. The staff at Jabali are truly wonderful as well, they will look after you incredibly well and ensure you feel comfortable at all times.


Bidding farewell to everyone at Jabali, you don your mask again and climb aboard your small plane hop to the Selous. The process is repeated on every step of your trip, where everyone ensures your safety and comfort in travelling is paramount. Arriving at Selous, the lush green and very wild Selous, your guide will meet you, wearing his/her mask and will take you on a game drive back to Sand River Selous. This stunning property sits on a meandering bend on the Rufiji River, so just think of hippos laughing and the mournful fish eagle soaring overhead. This lodge is wonderfully spread out and private dining in your own room, or on the balcony overlooking the river, or snuggled on a hidden deck below the dining room will be the norm.

Where ever it is you end up in Tanzania, we can assure you that the properties we have suggested as one of our favourite itineraries, will ensure you feel safe and comfortable at all times – think private vehicles, private dining and lots of other things that will mean you will not have to come into close contact with many other people. Now is the time to travel to Africa, now is the time to go. Covid-19 should not stop you from travelling safely and being able to see the most incredible animal sightings in stunning, wild and remote locations.