A brand-new camp has just opened its doors within the private 10,000-hectare concession in the South Eastern Hwange National Park within Zimbabwe. Verney’s Camp opened its doors to welcome guests from far and wide during the month of May 2018. Verney’s Camp boasts ten luxury safari tents – eight double tents which can be easily converted into twins along with a further two family tents – all of the luxury tents are built upon wooden decking just above ground level, tucked perfectly underneath the shady boughs of the surrounding teak forest overlooking a fantastically busy watering hole, often frequented by vast herds of elephants. Each of the tents have been carefully positioned for maximum privacy and enjoyment of the stunning views. All the rooms are connected via natural pathways leading back towards the central guest area. The luxury tents are beautifully designed and complete with en-suite bathroom and showers, flushing loo and double vanity basins – we don’t want arguments!

The camp prides itself on their community development and initiatives that ensure the wildlife, local communities and guests all benefit. They co-sponsor the local school in Hwange National Park that guests can visit as a half day tour during their stay. The tour also stops at a small rural village as well as the Wild Dog Research Centre which enables guests to see first-hand, as well as get involved, with all Verney’s Camp are aiming to achieve and support.

When staying at Verney’s Camp the cost includes everything from accommodation, all meals, laundry, lodge activities, return transfer to the airstrip, most drinks (excludes imported and premium drinks) levies and taxes. Access to the camp is via a 40-minute flight from Victoria Falls Airport landing in Manga Airstrip and then a 45-minute road transfer. If you wanted to self-drive it is a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from Victoria Falls via Hwange Main Camp.

Zimbabwe as a whole should be one of the go to hotspots in our opinion. The landscape, ecology and people you meet are beautiful. Being a landlocked country, like Zambia, it doesn’t have the appeal that most other countries within Africa seem to have, having access to the coast seems to attract more people but this is too normal, discovering different ecologies and a variety of stunning landscapes within one country is far more exciting. Zimbabwe has had its problems, politically wise, so most people, understandably will be apprehensive to explore a country that for the past four decades has been under dictator’s reign. Now Mugabe has gone, it feels the country has been set free and has a new lease of life, which we want to promote as much as we can for this fantastic country should not be missed out on at all!

Verney’s Camp is the perfect new camp to start your love with this phenomenal country, we have no words to describe what an amazing country it is, in fact, we are so stuck with words, practically speechless to be honest, we feel it is only right that you experience it first hand.