Zambia is now OPEN! We are utterly delighted to report this news as Zambia is up there with one of our top top destinations to travel to in Africa. Our MD Rose will actually be out in Zambia in the next couple of weeks to report back on what it is like on the ground. From what we have been hearing on the Africa travel grapevine, and the news we have been receiving directly from some of the camps we work with, the wildlife is waiting, the camps are in tip top condition, de-sanitised to within an inch of their life and the staff literally cannot wait to open their doors to their valued guests. We are going to take you through a step by step itinerary of what to expect when you land into Zambia, as well as suggesting some of the best places to travel to.



This is our NUMBER 1, top spot, the ultimate, the complete bees’ knees of camps we can suggest in the Lower Zambezi. Let’s re-wind a little bit before you arrive at Sausage Tree. Everyone who travels to Zambia will not have to quarantine on arrival, you will however have had to have a negative COVID test within 14 days of arrival, and you will have to carry a certificate to prove this – so if you have any worries at all about travelling, you will be safe in the knowledge that everyone on your international flight will have had to go through this process and all will be holding one of these negative COVID tests. We would also strongly advise applying for your visa prior to your arrival to Zambia. These are being issued on arrival, but for ease on arrival, we would suggest going through the easy application process at

So, you have arrived into Jeki airstrip, having caught your internal small plane hop at Lusaka. Your safari guide will meet you with some nice cooling water, mask will be on and you can remove your mask! Everything you will do will mainly be outside, and there will be plenty of space in your private vehicle as well, so social distancing will be incredibly easy. The rooms at Sausage Tree are unbelievably spacious and comfortable. You will also have your own personal butler to assist you throughout your stay. Private dining within your rooms will be par for the course but if you choose to eat in the main mess area, dinners will be very spaced out and very socially distanced. The wildlife within the area that Sausage Tree resides in s truly remarkable – the light through the trees on your afternoon game drive is pure magic, the smells of crushed bush basil and the hum of the insects reverberating around you as the sun sinks beneath the horizon while you sip a gin and tonic, before you private bush dinner… what’s not to like?



Head on up to the South Luangwa and enjoy a stay at the newly refurbished Puku Ridge. Similar to Sausage Tree, the location in which this stunning lodge lies is remarkable for game. The rooms at Puku Ridge are wonderfully spacious with lots of different areas to enjoy suppers under the stars (there are star beds set up already to use on the roof of every room at Puku Ridge and is a must to experience!).


Another truly stunning property with a wonderful private, large and very spacious family suite. Perfect to isolate yourself from anyone else. Again, think private dining, your own large plunge pool and your own private butler to assist you throughout our stay as well as serving absolutely scrumptious food for breakfast, lunch and supper … and in between too!

Now we have tempted you, we feel it is only right you try these places for yourselves – the animals are dying to see you and show you their wonderful homes and with the choice of any of the above properties, you will, in no shadow of a doubt, have a good time!