Heroes of the Bush in Zambia

Safari season is off to a roaring start this year in Zambia with already incredible sightings of large packs of wild dogs, herds of elephants, new lion coalitions and leopard cubs, reminding us that the true heroes of the bush: the extraordinary wildlife, the small but significant creatures and the highly regarded safari guides who are the guardians across these wonderfully wild destinations.

Zambia is generally known to be off the beaten track and most people who have travelled to all the top wildlife destinations get to a point where they hunger for something untouched and unspoilt. Regarded by many as one of the last true wildernesses, Zambia is often referred to as Africa’s greatest secret- and with good reason. Visitor numbers are small and Zambia’s vast areas of pristine wilderness and abundance of wildlife make it a must visit destination for all safari-goers-exclusivity, with no compromising on all the bells and whistles of an unforgettable safari experience.

Zambia is renowned as a destination with some of the best guides in Africa. There are various levels to guiding all of which require intense theoretical studying and practical training with already qualified guides to learn the tricks of the trade. To head up any safari activity be it by boat, foot, canoe or vehicle, guides must be qualified for each activity individually. Many of the now safari guides in Zambia grew up and still live in remote villages which were near to or on the outskirts of a National Park so from a young age, wildlife encounters right on their doorstep were and still are common. In order to survive living amongst wildlife meant learning animal behaviour early in life, and in turn, how to conduct oneself during an encounter.

Visitors to Zambia will get to see more than just the Big Five this country has what’s known as the Magnificent Seven I the Big Five but with the added bonus of two incredibly special predators. The Magnificent Seven consists of Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Cheetah and Wild Dog. For safari goers who find joy in the little things, be sure to keep a lookout for the little Five during your Zambian safari. The Little Five are the smaller species of the bush, but are just as special: Ant Lion, Leopard Tortoise, Buffalo Weaver, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle.

The wilderness in Zambia is vast, boasting a plethora of vegetation. For those who opt for walking safaris, or a bush walk you can expect to tick the Green Five off your species check-list too: Lion’s Tail, Leopard Orchid, Buffalo Thorn, Elephant Grass, Rhino Thistle.

Bird life is also plentiful in Zambia, there are 450 bird species in South Luangwa National Park, 378 bird species in Lowes Zambezi National Lark and 334 bird species in Liuwa Plain National Park, making the destination a true birder’s paradise, even more so during Green Season.

Book your safari and experience Zambia and all the wildlife and become one with nature.