ZIMBABWE SAFARIS SUMMED UP: This wonderful country has more variety than almost any other African destination. Safari camps here are luxurious and set in wild locations with exceptional game viewing and no people. It is perfectly safe and the Zimbabweans are some of the most friendly warm people you could hope to meet. Zimbabwe has recently seen the opening of some new extremely luxurious camps by respected brands such as Great Plains Conservation and Singita, which only goes on to emphasise that this jewel of Africa is very much on the up.

BEACH EXTENSION: Combines well with Mozambique or Mauritius.

ZIMBABWE HOLIDAY LOCATION: Central Eastern part of Southern Africa.

CLIMATE: mid Oct-Apr hot and wet, May-mid Sep is cooler but still warm and dry.

TYPICAL LANDSCAPE: Varied landscape, thick bush, rolling hills – the jewel of Africa.

Zimbabwe is on the up and a once yearly trip is enough to keep everyone thoroughly in the know with regards to safaris in Zimbabwe.

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The political situation in Zimbabwe is stable, and due to a large number of new extremely luxurious camps opening in the last year increased numbers of safari enthusiasts are venturing to Zimbabwe all year (the wet season is exceptional for birding). The areas that we recommend are safe and money made by the lodges is going straight back into the National Parks, and into conserving Zimbabwe’s areas of outstanding natural beauty which the country is so famous for. Wildlife is still prolific here, and the bliss of game driving, with excellent guides, and not another soul about, is unrivalled anywhere else in Africa.

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