NAMIBIA HOLIDAYS SUMMED UP: Desert desert desert – this country is so picturesque it will take your breath away. Here you’ll find acres of unexplored desert and desert adapted game species. The game viewing in Etosha and the Caprivi Strip is also excellent, but we recommend staying on a private reserve just outside Etosha to avoid the crowds. Head up the Skeleton Coast if you have time, and meet the fascinating Himba people. Okonjima AfriCat sanctuary is also a must. Namibia’s ghost town on the way to the Fish River Canyon is fascinating if you have time, it’s spooky and surreal. The Fish River Canyon is also spectacular.

GET INTO THE WILDS:  Take a Night Sky Safari in the Namib desert, sleep under the stars in Sossusvlei, go dune boarding in Swakopmund, track desert rhino and elephant, visit the Hoanib valley, see the himba people, see the social white rhinos of the Etosha pan, go fishing in Caprivi.

BEACH EXTENSION: Mozambique, Mauritius. Also easily combined with a Botswana safari.

NAMIBIA HOLIDAYS LOCATION: Sub-Saharan country located in Southern Africa, with a West Coast on the Atlantic Ocean

CLIMATE: Dec-Mar humid and some rain in central and easten Namibia, rare in Desert; Apr-May are a little drier, and the landscape looks green, lovely time to travel. Jun-Aug are cooler months, with desert areas dropping below freezing at night, game moves towards waters sources and is easier to see; Sep-Oct is warmer and game viewing is still excellent; Nov is variable sometimes being dry and sometimes rainy, very dramatic.

TYPICAL LANDSCAPE: Huge variety, from desert to Delta like landscapes of the Caprivi Strip.

Namibia is so varied and has such a well developed safari and holiday industry that our consultants have to be out there up to four times a year to keep on top of new properties and to revisit old properties – you are guaranteed the most current first hand knowledge in the business.


So you see this land of huge variety cannot fail to amaze, and its friendly and peaceful people ensure that your holiday here will never be forgotten.

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Namibia is the land of variety, and offers some of the most dramatic and mesmerising landscapes for a holiday in Africa. Easily done by self drive or a good internal flight network, explore this country on your own terms whilst staying in some of Africa’s most remote and beautiful lodges and locations. The dry lands of Namibia have been inhabited by bushmen, Damara and Namaqua for many many centuries, and to meet the men and women of this tribe and others is a cultural treat and a must do on everyone’s holidays in Namibia.

Namibia has a number of geographical areas which feel like different countries if visited on the same safari:
The Central Plateau runs from North to South and is bordered by the Skeleton Coast, the Namib desert, the Orange River and the Kalahari. Namibia’s central plateau is home to the highest point of Namibia and hosts the majority of Namibia’s population.
The Namib Desert is a vast expanse of hyper-arid gravel plains and dines that stretch along the entire coastline – within the Namib Desert sits Skeleton Coast and Kaokoveld – there is little vegetation here but a stark beauty which is enough to humble anyone – the Namib Desert is the most famous place to visit whilst on holidays to Namibia.
The Great Escarpment swiftly rises to over 2,000 m and temperatures range hugely, the area is rocky and hosts a number of small micro habitats, with a number of endemic species and organisms.
Bushveld found in north eastern Namibia along the Angolan border and the Caprivi Strip is the vestige of a narrow corridor demarcated for the German empire to access the Zambezi River, whilst sharing its ecosystem with the Okavango Delta. The Etosha Pan also comes under this category, and is an absolutely stunning and lush part of Namibia’s varied lands. There is plentiful game and wildlife in all of Namibia’s bushveld.
Kalahari Desert is shared with South Africa and Botswana, and varies between hyper-arid sandy desert to other areas which do not appear to have the characteristics of a desert. One area of the Kalahari is home to 500 species of pant, nearly half of them endemic.
Coastal Desert – this is one of the oldest deserts in the world, with sand dunes created by strong onshore winds. The Namib desert and the Namib-Naukluft National Park are located here. The Namibian Coastal Desert is one of the richest source of diamonds in the world.

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