Lose yourself in this series of stunning videos created for us by National Geographic film-makers and photographers Keith Ladzinski and Tommy Joyce. They went on safari with us in October 2022 and stayed at House In The Wild (Masai Mara, Kenya), Alex Walker’s Serian (Masai Mara, Kenya) and Sungani (South Luangwa, Zambia).

Cheetah In The Masai Mara
House in the Wild Crowned Cranes
Landscapes Of The Masai Mara
Lions Of The Masai Mara
Masai Mara Elephants
Hippos Of The Masai Mara
Serian Secretary Birds
Sungani Carmine Bee Eaters
Sungani Elephant Mud Bath
Sungani Kingfishers
Sungani Lions
Zebras Of The Masai Mara