Guides in Africa are the most important part of any safari, it can literally make or break your safari if you don’t get on with your guide or his knowledge is not good enough. We keep an eye on up and coming young guides so that they can join our portfolio of expert private guides across Africa – we get to know the guides so that we can match them to you and your family / party, and make sure we know excellent safari guides in every location we send people to. There is no limit to the joy that going on safari with someone fun, passionate and truly knowledgeable can bring and often we find guests will only travel with a certain guide they have previously got on with well. Here are some of our favourite young guides coming up with ranks quickly within the safari industry:

1          Paolo Parazzi, Kenya & Tanzania

Paolo is a born and bred Kenyan (with some Italian thrown in for good measure) and never have you met a more genial character. His constant optimism and enthusiasm for the bush, as well as his immense knowledge of every corner of Kenya means that a safari with him is never dull, but always fascinating and full of laughter. Paolo is also a master photographer, and particularly good with a go-pro so can easily guide you into creating your own album of amazing shots.

2          Sam Stogdale, Kenya & Tanzania

Sam comes from a family of safari experts and was brought up on safari – his knowledge of the flora and fauna in both Kenya and Tanzania is second to none and his safaris are always run to a very high standard with no element of comfort left out, gourmet food on tap and the most authentic and natural cultural experiences with the Masai and other tribes. Sam is also a master photographer.

3          Chris Rodgers, Tanzania

Chris was brought up in a tent with his parents living out in the bush – he literally lives and breathes the Tanzanian landscape, wildlife and people and his fluent Swahili and easy manners makes it easy for him to seamlessly guide you into some of the most remote parts of Tanzania. He is fun, warm and relaxed and you feel as if you’ve made a friend for life after leaving a safari with him.

4          John Barclay, Botswana

John Barclay is part of the fifth generation of Bousfield’s who have been running luxury safaris in Botswana for over a century – their passion and enthusiasm for wildlife and conservation is completely infectious and safaris with John are full of life and energy.

5          Kyle Branch, Zambia

Kyle is one of the coolest customers out there when it comes to safaris, he has expertly guided amongst big game in Zambia for a years now and knows how to read every signal and every mood given by any animal at any time. His knowledge of the bush is fantastic, and sitting listening to him tell you about the signals the wilderness is giving you at any one time is mesmerising.