Lebombo is truly in a world of it’s own – the modern unique design of the lodge would be enough to set it apart from other lodges in Africa, but it has something else. A vast tract of land in the Kruger which is both private, exceptionally wild and also with dramatic and varying landscapes which means it combines very well with the Sabi Sands which is flatter. Lebombo’s suites hang over the edge of the N’wanetsi River with stunning views both left and right. They are modern and quirky yet from the outside looking on their earthy and natural colours blend into the cliff face perfectly. The vast pools add a dash of turquoise to the greys and beiges of the landscape and combine with the bright greens of the lush vegetation (at this time of year only – February) to provide a sensational picture when looked at as a whole.

My waitress at Lebombo was called Goodness – she was heaven and on my first day insisted I try everything from the fusion tapas menu, I gladly agreed asking for small portions of everything. What I received was four full starters and four full main courses. Of course I couldn’t resist as they were all so delicious – every time I tasted the next one my heart sank as I realised I would eat it ALL. Lebombo food is modern like the décor but seriously delicious with a focus on healthier cooking which packs a punch in terms of flavour. On our last night we had a classic ‘boma’ dinner with meats and salads to die for. Another taste sensation and far too much eaten. It turns out Goodness was a wonderful singer and dancer as the staff voluntarily provided the most spectacular African traditional dancing and singing we have ever seen. A truly special night had by all and one that symbolises the happy atmosphere at all of the Singita properties.

The Lebombo concession borders Mozambique and is exceptionally wild – the scenery is stunning with small streams, vast rocky outcrops and rivers breaking up the bush. There are open plains, hills, flower meadows and much more. On my last morning I walked with guide Nick the length of one of the Lebombo ridges in order to climb onto the flat rock which one can see from the lodge – the views were extraordinary and we watched several huge crocs basking in the river below. The rocks here have a spiritual feel and time spent amongst them soothes the soul, in the same way being at a Singita property can. The work Singita have done here with conservation and anti poaching, as well as the local communities is second to none.

Singita’s properties are moving towards safaris for the soul as they expand their wellness section to include menus which are extremely healthy, yoga instructors eventually and wellness treatments in the spa revolving around African traditional cures and healings. Being in these amazing places is enough to heal any broken parts of one’s soul but these treatments will only go on to make you return home feeling even better. I ended my final day with a ninety minute Inkaba rejuvenation massage which truly left me feeling at peace with the world – a truly life changing safari.