Hop on board with the ‘Wellness Journey’ at the wonderful Ocean SPA with the CBS visiting Spa master! Within the festive season of December 2018 through to January 2019, Ocean SPA is opening its doors to a visiting Spa Master from the renowned Centro Benessera Stresa Grande Hotel Del Iles Borromees (the beautiful Lake Maggiore in Italy) who will be carrying out treatments at The Spa. The visiting Spa master is a major expert within Europe for Lymphatic Drainage techniques, Thai and Oriental Wellness Therapies as well as Facial Treatments.

Over the festive season at Ocean SPA, the focus will be on Oriental treasures. With the influence from ancient civilisations who have always understood the intrinsic relationship between mind, body and spirit to achieve a complete balance of wellbeing. This will feature the Ayurvedic Massage, the principal behind this unique massage therapy is to break down and remove the toxins with the gross and subtle bodies. The traditional Thai Massage which is known to restore balance whilst being totally relaxing but at the same time energising. The Holistic Massage, this wonderfully relaxing massage is a combination of different techniques and the use of the therapist’s intuition will result in a very zen experience.

It will also feature three modular programs with Ocean SPA‘s Signature Elements to enhance your holistic adventure. The Maris, this therapy will renovate you with the founding principles from the sea. Inspired by the eternal benefits of the ocean, the objective of this program is to gracefully renew and enhance oneself by removing toxins. The Vita, the main target of this program is to enhance the vitality inspired by the strength of the sun. The Equilibria encompasses the serenity from the natural treasures that the earth naturally provides and to reawaken your inner self.

Facials available throughout the festive season will involve your therapist using techniques to help your skin glow and maintain a fresh feeling. The Decongestive Facial’s aim is to nourish and decongest your skin for a fresh and a glowing feel. The Nourishing Facial is the one that will nurture and hydrate, this facial is high in antioxidants that will revitalise and regenerate your skin. The Balancing Facial is excellent for harmonising the moisture within the skin by eliminating the excess impurities in your skin.

These wonderful treatments are all available over the festive season, December 2018 through to January 2019. The treatments at Ocean SPA are of course limited and subject to availability.

Ocean SPA lies on the stunning south coast of Kenya, with views stretching out far into the azure waters of the warm Indian Ocean. Very boutique and hidden away within its own private paradise, far away from the crowds. Ocean SPA has stunning thatched, air-conditioned suites and an overall feeling of calm that runs throughout its veins. With these wonderful Spa options, you will undoubtedly return from Ocean SPA feeling relaxed, refreshed and feeling the best you have probably felt in a long time. Contact us to book your stay here to avoid disappointment.