We have a number of kite surfing holiday options but our favourite school is Kite Waa-tamu on the North Coast of Kenya which offers kite surfing courses for beginners as well as the rental of equipment and refresher lessons and coaching. The school is run by Oliver Nicklin, Max Melesi and Xan Woods who are some of Kenya’s best kiters. The school is fully equipped with top of the line Liquid Force 2011 school equipment. You can stay in ultimate luxury villas, whilst taking lessons or refreshing your skills.

Alternatively begin your stay at Kizingo in Lamu, where you will have 2 – 4 days tuition, depending on your experience, you and your instructor will then fly to Malindi, and spend three days kite surfing from Che Shale before driving South, and spending three days kite surfing in Diani. This is a totally tailor made, private trip, which can be adapted to suit you. Best time of year to Kite Surf the Kenya Coast is from July – August, and January – March. Please do let us know your requirements, and we will put together the best kite surfing itinerary for you.

Our Kite-surfing itineraries all include:

Inclusive bed and breakfast, and dinner at each location * Lunch and drinks at additional charge

Guided 4×4 vehicle tour of all the best kite spots available

Downwinder drop offs and collection

Assistance with set up, launching and landing

Experienced guide present during downwinders for on-water back up support, reassurance and location knowledge

Informal coaching, advice and theory on the skill of learning new moves

Beach games  – volleyball, football

Cold water refreshments will be provided during travel or after downwinders

Our kitesurfing instructors are IKO recognised and provide the following support:

During downwinders, on water an IKO/BKSA Level 2 Senior Instructor well experienced in tandem deep-water packdown technique, boat rescue and First Aid assistance will provide support.

The 4×4 Safari tour vehicle will be stationed at the pick up point with driver, tide dependent, following the group by land providing landing assistance if so required.

Whilst on the water the Instructor will carry a water proof phone pack keeping himself in direct contact with the driver at all times.

There will always be a safety boat moored up for additional support.

Staff there will also be at hand to help with launching/landing and ‘kitemares’ when free riding outside of the centre grounds.

The 4×4 Safari vehicle is fully kitted out with First Aid equipment and will also carry a flotation device suitable for self-rescue assistance.

All locations have been risk assessed, we hold emergency action plans for each individual beach and standard operating procedure will consist of an informal daily group chat outlining what to expect of the days given conditions and the particular area at different tidal states.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss possible kite surfing itineraries which might suit you, no matter what level you are.