Deep Dive at Fundu Lagoon

Underwater discoveries await at Fundu Lagoon – an East African gem.

Fundu Lagoon is a wonder to explore year-round, but this is the time of year with the cooler weather invites you to escape the shallows by taking a dive deep at Fundu Lagoon.An award winning barefoot beach luxury on the African shores of the Indian Ocenn, unwind and discover the peace of Pemba Island.

At Fundu Lagoon, they offer authentic beach-meets jungle accommodation and exciting ocean experiences, including everything from snorkelling to mangrove kayaking, dolphin safaris and more.

Aside from a slew of other hospitality and travel awards Fundu Lagoon are consistently awarded the ‘Best Marine Safari’ award by the Good Safari Guide. The island, marine life and diverse coral reefs and untouched diving sites area a special part of what makes a stay at Fundu Lagoon so memorable.

Fundu Lagoon has its very own, state of the art dive facility in Duve 710. This five-star PADI dive resort is efficiently run by our team of friendly, experienced staff and houses all required diving gear, including 3mm full-length wetsuits and Scuba -Pro and Aqualung equipment. The fully equipped dive centre offers beginner courses, advanced instruction and of course, guided day and night dives, as well as all necessary equipment to ensure safe, fun diving experiences for our guests. At Fundu Lagoon they believe in working with nature and cherishing its untamed beauty. Which is why beyond the hillside and beachfront accommodation and excellent resort facilities.

Through tours and activities, Fundu Lagoon offer guests incredible snorkelling tours off nearby Misali as well as early morning dolphin safaris, unique self-guided mangrove forest kayaking and above all, immersive scuba diving experiences. Dive visibility ranges from 20-40 metres below the surface and year-round, dive conditions are sublime. Better yet, the water temperature sits at a warm 27-28 degrees Celsius. Explore a magical dive as you spot the most vibrant marine life with uniforms that take form of bright colours! Just this past month, guests caught a glimpse of these creatures pictured above.

Pemba’s soothing surroundings make fir an amazing underwater encounter. Near and around the island, there are a unique selection of snorkelling and diving sites, scarcely visited by any other boats. This means the dive guests enjoy almost exclusive access to these spellbinding sites. During dives, as our guests go deep beneath the crystal waters, they regularly spot barracuda, giant trevallies, turtles, manta rays and countless reef fish. There are 300 species of fish here alone and that’s before you even touch on the other underwater treasures, like gorgonian sea fans and giant sponges, found beneath the water’s surface.

Fundu Lagoon have some incredible offers that run until October 31 October 2023, and these can be found on their website along with information on updated annual closure dates.