Photographic safaris are huge, many people now are fortunate enough to book to go on safari with a professional wildlife photographer as their guide, getting expert tips all the time and coming home with phenomenal albums of expertly shot photos. Many of us prefer to sit back and watch what’s happening with our own eyes, but there is certainly no denying that taking that amazing shot is both satisfying and rewarding, even if it is by accident. Coming home with memories of Africa is easy, but to capture them well can be hard. With the modern world so obsessed by social media and the sharing of images and photos you never know when a shot you innocently took could be picked up by the press. Here are some of our favourite lodges for aspiring or expert photographers:

1          Londolozi

Londolozi in the Sabi Sands in South Africa is famous for it’s fantastic game viewing but they also have an entire room dedicated to editing and printing your photos – you will receive expert help in photoshop and then be able to print your amazing shots, with which you will have had help from your guide. All the guides at Londolozi know how to take an excellent photograph.

2          Savanna Lodge

Savanna Lodge is also in the Sabi Sands and has fantastic options for those who want to get a little more serious about photographs – Neil Whyte the manager there is a phenomenal photographer himself and the abundant game in this area certainly means that you will have plenty of photographic opportunities.

3          The Masai Mara

More of a general one here, the Mara boasts huge open rolling plains, dramatic sunsets and abundant game which of course makes even the most average photographer into an expert and everyone can truly come away with some incredible shots. Wildebeest silhouetted on the horizon, lions everywhere and plenty of elephants make for amazing photographs.

4          Botswana

Now this again is very general but Botswana is very flat in the North, and sometimes very dusty, this means that sunrises and sunsets are in the most extraordinary array of colours – you cannot believe your eyes at the number of times the sky changes right in front of you. Here many of the top safari camps and lodges will have specific guides who are also photography experts to help guide you into catching that amazing shot.

5          Mara Plains, Kenya

Mara Plains actually lend you a professional Canon camera body and lens kit for your stay with them so you really can act the professional and take some exceptional shots without having to lug around camera equipment on the rest of your journey.