Fly Fishing Kenya’s Ragati Conservancy

For all you fishing fanatics out there or people interested in the prospect of learning, we have some exciting news – the Ragati Conservancy in Kenya is a fly fishing heaven. On the southern slopes of Mt Kenya lies the Ragati conservancy with abundant wildlife and crystal clear mountain streams filled with rainbow trout. Just a few hours from Nairobi and before Nanyuki in an almost dream like setting sits a wooden cabin perfect for fishing trips or just a bit of a break in a fairytale setting.

Due to the high altitude, mornings are crisp, damp and quiet and evenings are best spent in front of the fire, with something hot or perhaps a whisky if sticking to the “fishing trip” mentality. The days in general are hot and the high altitude sun is very strong and warms you instantly, one can see elephants, buffalo and leopard as well as the rare and elusive Bongo amongst other things. There are an estimated 150-200 mountain bongo left in the wild and they are found in the Mt. Kenya region a unique and incredibly delicate ecosystem. Mt. Kenya is a UNESCO World heritage site the Ragati’s principle goal is conservation.


Fly fishing – The Ragati is ideal for trout fishing, the river was first stocked in the 1920’s and the trout have developed their own coloring in that time, they are now known as ‘Ragati Red’s’. The regularly stocked river is an ideal spot for the keen fisherman/woman. Rods can be hired if you don’t have your own

Walking Safaris – Walking through the forests of the Ragati allows you to experience the diverse birdlife and abundant wildlife.

Climbing up Mt. Kenya – Climbing the second highest mountain in Africa can be done from the conservancy with the African Ascents crew.

Other Fishing related trips can be planned through Ragati, Mount Kenya by Helicopter or Nile perch fishing on Lake Turkana.

There are two different types of accommodation available;

The Ndongoro Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is self-catering and situated in the middle of the conservancy, accommodates 8 people comfortably in 4 bedrooms. The cabin overlooks the river and is also near a large waterfall nestled in a lush surroundings. The cabin has large communal areas, sitting room with large open fire, a verandah that looks out over the river and a fully equipped kitchen. The lodge is completely eco, built using sustainable materials as well as water collection, waste management and generating electricity. The lodge can be reached by car but one must come in a sensible 4×4 vehicle-great for families.

Kichachu Camp

This is a small tented camp (only 5km from the gate), which can accommodate 8 in 4 tents, which all have camp beds. these comfortable tents are fully equipped and all you need to bring Is food, sleeping bags and any stuff you need for walking and fishing. The camp also provides a comfortable mess tent as the communal area in camp.

Once paid for both of these places include conservancy fees, fishing, guided walks, staff and firewood.

When visiting make sure to pack lots of warm gear and gumboots, a swim suit if you are brave (the water can be icy) and good sun protection. The Ragati and Mt.Kenya is pure bliss, a treat for the senses and reboot for the system.