And so, it begins! The season is beginning to start within Lewa and lodges have been through thorough spring cleaning, dusting of lights and sofas, giving walls fresh licks of paint and making sure the sommeliers choice of wine is up to scratch too – I mean someone has to test it, just to make sure! It is within Lewa, Lewa Wilderness in fact, we find ourselves writing about, with two months of stunning rains, Lewa came up trumps and the bright green of the bush is simply stunning. The lodge is also looking pretty darn shern too. April and May saw lots of new refurbishments with the extension of the main deck providing an even more breath-taking view over the river, with extra seating too and dining space around the bar, this is by far an excellent improvement.

The New Conservation Safari has returned, and we are told it is even better than last year. Kip Ole Polos the leader of the Il Ngwesi group ranch to the north of Lewa will be the head honcho of the group. The whole tour will incorporate the Lewa Borana annual game count, Il Ngwesi community life plus, PLUS a visit to MEP (Mara Elephant Project) in the Masai Mara.

How can you embark on a once in lifetime trip such as this is if you do not incorporate a spot of fly camping? Lewa Wilderness are offering fly camping for an amazing $170 per person per night on top of your room night we cannot recommend how perfect it is for families – think the ultimate way of glamping under a superb canopy of stars with the noises of the bush around you. An experience the children will definitely not forget in a heartbeat. The Den is also ready. This is Lewa’s interactive guide room where children and families alike can learn how to track and locate all the wildlife they see when they stay at Lewa.

And finally, a brand-new fleet of top spec 4×4 safari vehicles are in place! All of the cars have been upgraded with new roof canopy’s, photography bean bags, a new coat of paint and how could you forget the Lewa Wilderness Logo. There are 8 luxury 4×4 vehicle ready and waiting with either semi open or closed canopies, there really is variety and a number of ways you are able to enjoy your stay at Lewa Wilderness with all of the above happening!