Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Northern Kenya – made famous by its pioneering work with endangered black and white rhino, and their exceptional protection record of these amazing animals. Lewa is packed full of tonnes of wildlife species and continues to have numerous conservation and research projects ongoing, and of course a crack anti poaching team protecting these species.

This year has been marked by numerous successes on Lewa, and it is with heartfelt appreciation that they acknowledge the invaluable support of the guests who stay on Lewa, and the amazing donors who continue to support the conservancy. From the fulfilment of transformative projects to the flourishing growth of their wildlife population, the support has been instrumental in making this journey truly extraordinary.

In the last few months, Kenya has experienced numerous disasters and extensive flooding due to the country’s relentless rainfall.

Amidst this challenging situation, a ray of hope emerged with Lewa’s Subuiga Dam project, which filled. With a capacity of 200,000 cubic metres, the dam will support 15,000 community members during dry seasons.

Still in the context of addressing water scarcity and improving livelihoods, Lewa has effectively executed 18 water initiatives following the establishment of the Kithima-Kia-Mugumo water project in Ntumburi, Meru County.

In October, Lewa was honoured with the prestigious title of Best Workplace Environment at the 4th Employer of the Year Awards by the Federation of Kenya Employers.

This accolade is bestowed upon businesses that prioritise their workforce, demonstrating excellence through the implementation of strategies, systems, and procedures that cultivate a harmonious and peaceful work environment.

Following the torrential downpour in northern Kenya, Lewa found itself at the forefront of numerous rescue operations, addressing critical situations that required immediate attention. One particularly notable instance involved the transportation of a pregnant woman to Isiolo Hospital. The challenging weather conditions had rendered the roads impassable so we rescued both the mother and her unborn baby via helicopter.

In addition to the medical emergency, your contributions were instrumental in rescuing a Sarova Shaba driver from the perilous rushing floodwater. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has cultivated such a strong sense of community, that the Lewa staff never hesitate to help others in the area even if it puts themselves in danger.

Lewa also assisted police officers who were stranded in a flooded river near Archer’s Post in Samburu County. These successful rescue missions highlight the impact of guest and donor generosity on the ground, making a real difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

In November, a dedicated task force from Lewa, spanning the security, operations, conservation, and IT departments, actively engaged in the recent Earth Ranger conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. Later on, they undertook benchmarking activities at the renowned Kruger National Park.

In a ‘Learning Equality’ webinar on December 6, Lewa’s Digital Literacy Programme Coordinator Alfred Muriuki presented a comprehensive overview of the profound impact of Kolibri on Lewa-supported schools since its introduction in 2019. This groundbreaking e-learning platform has instigated transformative change, positively influencing over 10,000 learners and teachers in Lewa-supported schools annually.

What an amazing place Lewa is!