We were recently at Mkombe’s House:

Mkombe’s house is something special and perfect for close friends or families. It is your own slice of luxury all to yourself with no one else to contend with. Set on the other side of the Kopje around the corner from Lamai Nomad sits Mkombes House. Names so after one of Nomad’s wonderful guides who helped set Nomad as a company up, this really reflects the the man it is named after.

It literally feels as though you have arrived home, having left home! There are two decks outside, one with a smaller pool, perfect for small children and then one with a larger pool on the deck below, meanwhile all looking out onto the most sensational view of the rolling Serengeti. The rooms are wonderfully spacious, with lovely comfy double beds, and views out onto the main areas, huge bathroom with inside and outside showers – always great to have a choice on where you want to shower no?! In the main mess area, they have a small cinema room to take refuge in if it were to rain, or you wanted a break from the midday hear – or a perfect spot to hide your children!

You have our own butler and staff throughout your stay, it really truly is totally private from everyone else and you feel like you are totally cut off from the world – which is wonderful. Mkombe’s House does have wifi if needs be, but again, surely its nicer to switch off when you’re in a place such as this?

Again, the wildlife sightings are superb. We left on our afternoon game drive and came across a Lion King moment with three lions lying on top of ‘pride rock’! there was of course a lot of ‘circle of life’ humming banded about…! We then tried to go in search of a leopard that had reportedly been seen with her small cub on a nearby collection of rocks. It is quite unusual to find lions, leopards, cheetah and any other big cat in close proximity as they are threatened by competition and have been known to kill other cats. If there is an abundance in Lion, there will be no cheetah, or it will be very rare to find cheetah in the same vicinity.

We then finished our afternoon game drive by meeting the Mkombe staff at the ‘bush bar’ perched on top of rock.

Arriving back in the dark for supper, the Mkombe team had outdone themselves in making the place look spectacular. Tea lights twinkling in lanterns adorned the decking, a small fire had been lit and canapes waited for us on the table outside. Supper was again, superb. As the night encroached upon us, the noises of the African bush began to increase – hyenas, a baboon barking an alarm call, lions roaring somewhere in the distance and finished off with a spectacular aerial display of thunder and lightning far off in the distance, perhaps in Kenya!

The rain had slowly moved its way over from Kenya towards us during the night and it was quite a fresh morning, so a few layers were required! We found a family of ostrich wandering its way across the Serengeti plains, hugely picturesque scene with the flat grassy plains, occasional acacia tree spotting the land with this family of ostrich breaking it up.

We returned to Mkombe’s House for some well-deserved breakfast and then we bid our farewells to the wonderful staff and made our separate ways, some catching flights to other areas within Tanzania and others homeward bound.

Mkombe’s House is simply a stunning place to stay, and as I said perfect for families and excellent for a group of friends just wanting to have some peace and quiet at a home away from home.