Tailor made African safaris are our thing, there is no one that does it better – we don’t mean to brag it is just a fact. Tailor made African safaris start with a good safari expert helping you to make the right choices about what will suit you and your family. Everything on the luxury side of safaris has to be tailor made as often the most amazing lodges and camps take some serious travelling to get to, so a luxury safari specialist can help make that all seamless and easy. We can also save you money as get much better rates direct with the properties, than you can get direct. Tailor made African safaris can offer guests the chance do have the most extraordinary holiday of their lives, if you are perfectly matched with the right lodge then you will find you’ll never want to go anywhere else again, and may even be brought to tears when you depart. This is the aim of all of our tailor made African safaris, to give you something which is so unique, so different and so magical that you’ll never forget it – here are some tips on how to get the most out of our tailor made African safari:

Look to The Wilderness

Many of Africa’s national parks have become very busy with tourists, this often means minibuses and rude guides, shouting and driving too close to the wildlife. Take the advice of your safari specialists and stay in one of the private conservancies – these often border the National Parks and are unfenced so the wildlife roams freely. Your tailor made safari will be so much better if you pick a private African conservancy for the following reasons – the first is that much of the game often prefers to be in those areas as they are quieter. Secondly there are far fewer people and they tend to be from luxury safari camps so behave properly around the wildlife, as well as being excellent guides. Thirdly the anti poaching measures in these conservancies is often so much better as it’s all privately funded.

Go Small

There are a few luxury safari properties which come up repeatedly in searches and that you will come across, but be aware of the number of rooms each camp has when booking your tailor made African safari – opt for a smaller camp with say 6 tents or rooms and your experience will be so much better than anything you could have hoped for. The intimacy and exclusivity of these personal safari camps is so charming – however if you are on your honeymoon or a couple they also provide wonderful private candlelit dinners for you – the point of a small camp or lodge is that they can adapt, they can be flexible depending on what your needs are.

Take Advice

You may well approach your safari specialist with one idea for your tailor made safari, but they may come up with a completely different idea having spoken to you and figured out what will suit you. Take this advice, we deal with guests every single day and only maintain our good reputations if we get it right. There may well be a part of Africa which you haven’t even heard of which you would absolutely love and this is surely one of the whole benefits of speaking with an African safari expert.

Spend Enough Time

One of the fatal errors of a badly planned tailor made African safari is that people don’t spend enough time in each area. If you try and see too much you end up seeing very little – the beauty of Africa is the pace of life so try and at least let that envelope you, rather than rushing around in a typical first world country manner! Spending three or four nights in each safari location is the ideal and this means you get to really explore, get to know your guide and feel at home in the bush. You will find that your tailor made safari will also draw better results when it comes to game viewing if you stay in one area, since you will get to know the animal movements, and if you watch one pride of lion for four days, they will do something – whereas if you keep seeing new prides and new wildlife it is unlikely you will be there for any extraordinary action.