Who could have predicted last year that in 2020, your exciting travel plans, often long dreamt of and long planned, would be impossible due to a virus sweeping viciously and without compromise through the World. We certainly did not see this coming but like everyone have adapted and have worked hard to postpone all of our clients trips. Many of our clients have postponed to 2021 and have added additional days on safari or at the beach in anticipation of needing an even longer holiday by the time they get away next year.

Like many people, when this virus starts to be beaten by the impressive and strict measures taken by the globes leaders we will be the first on an aeroplane to satisfy that desire and need to travel, explore and revive. Airlines have already started adapting their seating plans to allow for social distancing, and we wanted to show you how our luxury safaris will work (quite easily) keeping you safe at all times and most of all away from large groups of people and virus hot spots.

1          Flying & Airports

We are very lucky that airports and airlines are already taking measures to allow people to fly and travel safely – not only for their own businesses is it vital they get up and running but for the countries they serve, tourism is a huge economy which will see many wild areas suffering if they take too much of a hit. Gloves and masks will more than likely be mandatory through the airports, but since these vast buildings are often quite chilly we hope you won’t find that too onerous.

As well as the above, when you land at your airport of choice we can provide a private light aircraft flight directly from the airport, the aircraft will be big enough to allow for social distancing from your pilot, but not so big that you have to be Bill Gates to afford it. This allows you to skip crowded cities and fly directly to your luxury safari camp. All aircraft will be fully disinfected between flights, and your pilot will be wearing a mask and gloves.

When We Can Travel: Luxury Safari Plans

2          On Safari

Again privacy is key, to ensure as little contact with others on your safari as possible – your family or yourself and your partner will have your own private game drive vehicle which is used only by your private guide, and is of course disinfected between uses. Your guide will also be wearing gloves, and the space in your large luxury vehicle allows for social distancing. On top of this the open vehicles are kept outdoors, studies have shown that the virus does not spread easily in outdoor spaces.

When We Can Travel: Luxury Safari Plans

3          Your Luxury Safari Lodge or Camp

We only work with the most exclusive and private properties across Africa and this really allows quite easily for social distancing. We can go as far as all meals being served in your suites, so you never come into contact with other guests or staff. You will be looked after by one butler who will see to your every need. Between your butler and your guide, when on safari you will only come into contact with these two people throughout and all of this will be done adhering to key social distancing measures.

When We Can Travel: Luxury Safari Plans

4          Coronavirus in Africa

We eagerly await daily research being done by many countries into the spread of the virus in Africa. So far it has been very slow and there are various theories as to why this may be. One angle is that countries with malaria present do not provide such a good host for the virus, another is that the hot sun in Africa has made it more difficult for the virus to spread. We will publish any conclusive research as soon as it is completed.

When We Can Travel: Luxury Safari Plans

Africa is a land of wild, rolling green spaces, the world’s best and most prolific wildlife, some of the most ancient cultures and most dramatic scenery. We cannot and will not desert this magical continent and we are confident we will see you all there for a life changing experience in the near future.

Yours sincerely,
Rose Hipwood
MD – The Luxury Safari Co