Safaris to Zambia’s luxury safari lodges are fast becoming the most popular in Africa – this wild and friendly country has so much to offer, we are not surprised at all that finally it has caught on what a paradise this place is, and as a result Zambia’s safari lodges and camps are soaring up in popularity. Often overlooked in favour of its more famous neighbour Botswana, Zambia offers some of the most exclusive and off the beaten track game rich safaris in all of Africa – as well as this, their guiding laws are much stricter so the guides out there are phenomenal. We are in Zambia between two and three times a year and absolutely love, we know all of Zambia’s luxury safari camps and lodges intimately and so you can rest assured that your safari to Zambia will be based on the best first hand knowledge available.

We often receive updates from colleagues who run safari lodges in Zambia on the ground. Norman Carr are one of the best luxury safari operators in all of Zambia and their camps never fail to amaze and astound our luxury safari clients.  Chinzombo is their most luxurious safari lodge, which opened in June 2013. This exclusive lodge provides a chance for guests to experience this most dramatic of times in a unique blend of comfort and style. Chinzombo, run by Norman Carr safaris through Chongwe incorporates the original walking safaris. ‘Safari Wakale’ literally translating as the traditional safari gets you back to Africa’s roots. Expanding your knowledge about the local cultures, climate and especially wildlife, the guides have been completely inspired by their predecessor, and the yearn to continue his views in teaching the ways of land and how to maintain conservation, run through the blood of these fantastic guides. Every day is a different story and this amazing property has earned it’s right to be amongst the top luxury safari lodges in Zambia, and Africa.

Kasaka will be one of the only Lower Zambezi camps to be open during the green season – Kasaka run a wonderful Rivers and Rainbows safari to take in not only the Luangwa but the Lower Zambezi too ‘Two Rivers and Rainbows’ – the green season is a beautiful time to see any of Zambia’s luxury safari lodges and camps.

This unique luxury lodge safari takes guests, having had a sumptuous breakfast, on board boats or canoes to begin a journey on the Chongwe, Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers. Here you will encounter some animals more acquainted with the water ways of Africa: Hippo, endless beautiful birds and fish life flitting through the water ways. Perhaps you may even spot a crocodile or two… or is it a log…?

The Luangwa National Park is outstandingly dazzling with its varied views and landscapes. The park is enormously rich in biodiversity, home to a huge array of ecosystems alternating between miombo woodland within the escarpment, jess bush thickets to riparian forests and lush grassy floodplains.

Searing winds are drying the bush quickly and the lagoons are dwindling rapidly this year. It’s going to be a tough September and October for the wildlife and we predict the riversides and the last remaining lagoons at Luwi and Nsolo will be where the real life theatre for the battle of existence will take place. Wildlife action from Chongwe is more exciting with every day that passes, and for those keen anglers the fishing is really starting to hot up – Zambia’s luxury safari lodges and camps offer a true access to some of the most remote and wild areas of Africa.

Kasaka, Chinzombo, Kapani and Kakuli luxury safari lodges provide a unique and unforgettable safari experience for professional and amateur photographers, wildlife and bird enthusiasts, as well as those who are looking for a new adventure in Africa. Chinzombo and Kapani offer driving safaris, usually conducted as the sun is rising over the African plains, through to evening safaris when the night descends and a different world awakens. Kakuli and Kasaka Lodge can take you upon the Chongwe and Luangwa rivers to witness buffalo and crocodile, leopards lounging in trees to elephants cooling down from the day’s heat. Depending on the height of the river, walking and driving safaris are conducted as well.