As a safari company, our main objective is, of course, safaris! We have extensive knowledge about each location we advise for travel, having been to most of them and experiencing exactly what you are likely to experience when on your safari, from the food you eat, the rooms you sleep in, the activities you are likely to experience as well as the people you will meet. Prior or following this wonderful experience, you may also want to consider a bit of a city break, or sometime on the beach. Last week we focused on the activities you could experience within a stay in Cape Town, this week we want to draw your attention to a country we have a strong love for and is a relatively easy destination to get to from many of the Southern African countries – Mozambique.

Mozambique is located on the east coast of Africa, south of Tanzania and borders Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, and South Africa. Throughout the months of December through to March the climates you are likely to experience is hot and wet, and surrounding this time it usually warm and dry. Recent trips to this stunning and diverse country have only confirmed how truly special this country is. Mozambique is quickly becoming one of Africa’s number one beach destinations and due to huge conservation projects, the wildlife and game within Mozambique is thriving. The area was explored and colonized by the Portuguese, with Portuguese still the primary language. From 1977 to 1992, Mozambique was witness to a horrendous civil war, but since then, the recovery has been strong, and Mozambique is now peaceful and friendly. Divided into two topographical regions by the Zambezi River, to the North the narrow coastline moves inland to hills and plateaus and continuing to the west into the highlands. South of the Zambezi the lowlands are much broader with vast plateaus.

The main areas of attraction within Mozambique are the islands off the coast which are surrounded by crystal clear azure waters. The Bazaruto Achipelago (Southern Mozambique) and the Quirimbas Archipelago (Northern Mozambique). Here a stunning choice of boutique lodges can tempt you, from Azura Benguerra, Kisawa Sanctuary & Azura Quilalea, all bordering stunning white sandy and often remote beaches. Mozambique is fast becoming one of the world’s most luxurious beach locations.

If you would prefer to steer away from the beach elements and continue your safari, then the wilds of Gorongosa, Niassa Wildlife Reserve as well as Gonarezhou within the bordering Zimababwe are some of the best locations, that are wonderfully offbeat to continue exploring on your safari. There is a huge amount of culture on offer within Mozambique with Maputo – Mozambique’s capital – is full of energetic markets and stunning Portuguese architecture.

If diving is your thing, then Mozambique is THE place to go. It is home to some of Africa’s most famous dive sites for keen PADI qualified divers to discover and explore. Snorkelling is also sensational; we can vouch for this! The colours, noises, sights, and sounds you can hear on the sea floor is truly mind blowing and humbling at the same time. Mozambique is the land of diversity and is made up of sparsely ranging spectacular properties, no crowds, no large over invasive hotels, just simple, small, and wonderfully boutique hotels.