If you have been on safari before and are looking for the next step, the next wild adventure, I mean really wild, then look no further than southern Tanzania. It is wild, raw, remote and has some incredible, varying wildlife viewing opportunities in Ruaha and Nyerere National Park. These two locations also combine brilliantly well together as well. You have the lush thick bush of the Nyerere and the dry, almost desert like feel of Ruaha, with its huge and beautiful baobab trees.

On the banks of the wetlands within Ruaha, just beyond the reaches of the seasonal high-water mark, Usangu Expeditions Camp allows for diverse activity offering, featuring walking safaris, game drives, night drives, canoeing as well as boating. With only four tented suites and two vehicles to use, a stay in Usungu Expeditions Camp can offer a high level of flexibility within your itinerary and provides you with the ability to tailor your experience to reflect what interests you most. Usangu has also been names as one of eleven sustainable hotels that are setting a new standard in hospitality by Condé Nast.

Another top stay of ours in Ruaha is the sensational Jabali Ridge. Consisting of eight stunningly designed and very private suites, which are undeniably beautiful, with incredible views to boot. It is situated in a very wild and remote part of the Ruaha National Park. Inside and outside showers, plush cloud-like duvets, and pillows as well as your very own private deck to soak up the warmth of the African sun, take in and absorb the noises, sights and smells that surround you. The pool in the main area is also something to experience and enjoy during your down time when staying at Jabali Ridge. It is an infinity pool built around a kopje with incredible – and we mean incredible – views over Ruaha. Jabali Ridge is the perfect place to stay, a place where you can relax, spend time to reflect and enjoy fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities.

The history of Ruaha is something not to be ignored as well. With tales and stories of brave tribes armed with only spears, fighting off German soldiers who had guns, it is safe to say the people who have lived for thousands of years within this area are seriously brave. There is much more to find out when staying withing Ruaha.

Fly over to what was once Selous and has now been renamed Nyerere National Park to a really wild location. Sand Rivers has long been known as one of the best lodges within Southern Tanzania. The rooms here are huge with stunning views overlooking the Rufiji River, incredible guides, and superb opportunities to fish (on a catch and release basis). Fly camping is also available at Sand Rivers and should never been turned down – walk out into the bush with your knowledgeable guides, end your walk at the fly camp location, sleep under the stars having enjoyed a gourmet supper around a campfire before heading to bed underneath a canopy of stars.

If you would like some more information on these places, then please get in contact. We have been to each and every one of the lodges and camps we mention on our page, so that we can reflect back to our clients a truly honest opinion and experience of the lodges and camps we recommend. You can be safe in the knowledge that wherever you go, we have experienced it too, so you can ask us anything!