Africa Day with Sungani

This month Sungani celebrates Africa, an incredible and diverse place.

Africa, and particularly Safari, allows you to be a part of nature where you can experience the true wonder of being human as you embrace the sights, sounds and smells of the bush.

Sungani has firmly held onto a vision of a ‘home’ in the bush created by the team and the local community. Everything: from the architecture and interior design down to the last detail on each scatter cushion has truly been a family collaboration.

May has always been a trickier time for game viewing as the bush is still quite thick, however there have been some wonderful sightings over the last few weeks while welcoming the first guests of the season. Apart from large herds of elephant, Giraffe, Buffalo and more there has still been sightings of two male lions who have begun stablishing the area as their own.

Several relaxed sightings of leopards just on the drive between Sungani and Kulandila, and as the bush dries these get more prolific with recent sightings of a young female.

A key factor to conservation is the way those of us live in these wild spaces interact with the wild animals that too call Sungani home. Human populations continue to increase, pressure on resources mounts and so it is crucial to invest in ways that allow for local populations to understand the benefits of anti-poaching and conservation. A recent sighting of the Cookson’s Wildebeest is very exciting in the Southern Lusangazi sector. This species mainly occurs in the northern areas of the South Luangwa Park, so this is very special to see this,

This begins with employment and skill transfer which in turn allows people to benefit from the wildlife. Sungani hopes over time to inspire young people from the local communities to join the fight against poaching through careers such as safari guides, game scouts and in tourism-related careers.

If you are still considering joining Sungani last minute on Safari then think Kulandila Camp, it is situated on the magnificent banks of the Luangwa River backing onto a lagoon. The camp was designed for leisure. Set amongst the towering Lala palms and lush vegetation, you can look up and feel a true sense of peace. Four elevated tents are linked by distinct pathways which allow you to meander to communal areas.

You get an ‘Out of Africa’ experience combining authentic safari adventure with modern comforts and amenities along the banks of the Luangwa River. The camp comprises of four elevated tents linked by district pathways to a main pool, viewing pool, viewing deck and open-sided main area. This is the perfect camp for an exclusive use booking and can easily be combined with camps in the Lower Zambezi and even northern camps in the South Luangwa.

Don’t forget Sungani has a gift for you this year along with other specials, enjoy a 3-night stay for the price of 2 nights from June 1st through October 31st 2023.