Are you still seeking the ultimate safari experience? Well look no further than a private and totally unique experience when you book and embark on a mobile safari… in Botswana. Have any of those words appealed to you yet – private? ultimate safari experience? Botswana? Abbreviated they may sound better…! Read on to find out more about some of our fantastic private mobile safaris.

Botswana has a hugely varying eco system, with the savute plains, almost Zambian in style with parts of the bush being quite thick, interspersed by meandering streams of water along the Selinda spillway. Then the mighty Okavango Delta, affectively a marshland abundant in bird life and a true natural wonder. Huge herds of elephant wading through shallow waters and long grass as well as the secretive leopard. Then on down into the Kalahari where you will encounter the Makgadikgadi salt pans, a vast desert and extremely sparse in comparison to the Delta and Savute but none the less seriously beautiful.

Choose to spend a few days at either Barclay Stenner’s Mobile Safari or Rob Barbers’ Golden Africa Mobile Safari and you will see what we mean. We can categorically say you will return with memories and an overall experience you will never forget.

Barclay Stenner’s mobile safaris are styled on a by gone era. Colonial interiors with modern aesthetics combine well to make your stay extremely luxurious and remarkably comfortable when on the ‘move’! imagine yourself kayaking around snorting pods of hippo, stumbling upon a herd of magnificent elephant and waking up to the mournful call of a pair of fishing eagles. Recently, whilst out on one of their mobile safaris, the camp and its guest were awoken at 2am by the surrounding earth trembling around them, the next moment thousands of buffalo stampeded right past the camp. The cause of this, upon unzipping their canvas tents, shining their torches out into the darkness of the bush, two pairs of eyes stared straight back. Less than 20 metres away were two huge male lions hoping to bring down their supper!

If you are wanting an adrenaline, back to real adventure safaris and return with jaw dropping, unreal stories such as this, then look no further than a mobile safari with Barclay Stenner.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose Golden Africa Mobile Safaris, who offer a very similar experience. Providing you with top spec, top of the range, tailor made safaris throughout Botswana that allows guests to spend time within the beating heart of the Botswana bush. Paired with the comforting surroundings of the interior of the mobile camp, you will feel safe and very comfortable with the knowledge your own extremely experience private guide will look after you, guide you and travel with you teaching you about the stunning flora and fauna of Botswana.

If you would like to embark on the ultimate experience of a lifetime, then do get in touch and we can guide you through what we think would be the perfect mobile safari experience for you. To be honest, it would be hard to choose between the two! The experience will be unforgettable whatever.