Presenting three of the best! If you are looking for the ultimate in adventure, then Zambia is the place for you. This truly undiscovered gem surprises even us that it’s not high on many peoples lists of African countries to visit. From the mighty Victoria Falls, otherwise known as the ‘Smoke that thunders’, to white water rafting down the ebbing and flowing waters of the Zambezi river, coming face to face with prides of magnificent lion, walking amongst herds of zebra and coming close to the flora and fauna of the African bush surrounding you, Zambia is real treat to behold.

Visit the stunning Chiawa Camp on the Lower Zambezi where you can enjoy a sedate canoe down the meandering spillways that run off the main river highway, watch closely as herds of elephant cross the shallow streams making their way to fresh grass on the otherside. Herds of buffalo quietly grazing high on the banks, perhaps a leopard sleeping in a nearby tree and then the ripple of scales slipping silently through the water outlining a crocodile cruising a pathway through the water in front of you. Oh, and be careful of resident hippo, that can, on occasion bump your canoe, so as not to make you forget they are there too!

Following this, journey on up via a small flight to the South Luangwa. Here you can walk with the giants. Embark on foot, along with your guide and tracker, to get a closer look at the surrounding flora and fauna of the African bushveld. Walk the same paths as the mighty elephant, learn how to track lion, expand your knowledge from your local guide of traditional bush medicine that the tribes used to use to treat wounds, colds and flu’s and other ailments and many of which they still use today. Well if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and keep with tradition!

Walking within the South Luangwa, you would be right to stay with any of the Norman Carr lodges such as Luwi, Mchenja, Nsolo and Chinzombo – you can combine all four by walking between each one of them, where your luggage will be waiting for you already on your arrival at the next camp. We would recommend you finish off with Chinzombo, the ultimate in luxury and pure relaxation after your walking excursions between the others. Or Bushcamp company lodges from the Mfuwe lodge where it has become famous for the herds of elephant that wander right through reception so that they can reach the delicious mango trees by the river. Or Bilimungwe where you can have breakfast alongside harry the resident hippo… who often has terrapins residing on his bank, so that they can catch the sun rays.

Finally, how about finishing all this off residing in one of the Devils pools on the precipice of the Victoria Falls. This really isn’t for the fate hearted, speaking from experience, but the thrill of teetering on the edge of the falls whilst the Zambezi waters rush past you really gives you an adrenaline kick!