With the world continuing to throw some bizarre curve balls our way, we thought it might be a nice idea to distract you with some positive news from Kenya. The rains have finally come and as a result it has given the land a new lease of life. The country is greener and more stunning than ever, with dramatic skies which are perfect for stunning cloud photography. The wildlife remains abundant, and this time of year provides the ideal conditions for incredible wildlife sightings. The day and night temperatures begin cooling down as well. There are flowers aplenty and lots of migratory birds such as storks and raptors, making the Mara their seasonal home. Resident wildebeest and zebra migrants start heading to their respective calving grounds, meaning predators are also very very active during this season.

We thought we would let you know about a fabulous special offer available now with an exclusive pay 2 nights and stay for 3. Valid for stays at all of the ‘Great Plains’ Kenyan properties between 1st April 2022 – 15th May 2022. Valid for new bookings from 16th December 2021. Conservation and park fees payable on all nights, including the free night. This offer can also be multiplied – 6 nights for the price of 4 for example. It is also combinable with the following/additional benefits – No single supplement; free return flights to/from Ol Donyo Lodge, Mara Nyika, Mara Plains Camp and Nairobi Wilson airport (subject to a minimum flight loading with Safarilink. Free flights not included with stays at Mara Expedition Camp).

Although it may be called the ‘green season’ which reflects the lush vegetation that springs up around the Masai Mara, we also like to call it ‘secret season’ because not many people think about travelling at this time of year because they assume it will be raining 24/7. BUT it doesn’t! There may be some rainy moments, but these are usually in the afternoon when you’ve returned from your game drive, had some lunch and head towards your siesta. So, it shouldn’t interfere with your time on safari, we think it would add to it. Because the bush is so abundant, fresh, and green, the animals are dispersed all over, not surrounding the watering holes, which can make for game viewing to be a small challenge. However, it does come with some huge plus points. This is the time of year for lots of young to be born, which is fabulous but also invites a lot of drama with it. Because there is so much prey for predators about, the big cats are spoilt for choice with prey.

If you feel you would like to experience one of the most famous plains in Africa during one of their quietest seasons, then please do not hesitate to contact us. There will be barely any people there and the animal sightings beyond incredible, it would be a real shame to miss out on a truly unique time of year. A once in a lifetime trip you will not forget.