It’s time to plan your next adventure. We know travel restrictions are constantly changing, but we feel the risk of getting away to locations where you will not come across another soul if so wished, is worth the testing and quarantining on your return. So, pack your suitcase and hope on that plane and be gone to explore locations which are just waiting for you to get there – The sun is shining, the beaches are crowd free and totally pristine, beach and bush combinations are fully open, and they really REALLY cannot wait to welcome you.

It’s the time of year to begin on planning where to travel, with flights restarting and lots of people fully vaccinated, we ask what’s stopping you? I suppose the choice of where to go is probably what is stopping you. We can help with this. As we said in our last blog, there can often be too much choice out there, so planning on where to go seems impossible. Where better than the dream African holiday you’ve put on hold for the past year. With wide open spaces, warm and welcoming people and wildlife aplenty, it is the ideal post lockdown destination. With so many of us engaged in philanthropy, supporting the communities where most of the lodges we advise do, your stay would make such a meaningful difference to not only the lodges and camps, but the people with whom are employed by them. The knock-on effect is huge, and with the past year being so hard for lots of people, this will be one of the best gifts you can give.

Azura’s mantra is definitely one we strongly support. Throughout the past year their Rainbow Fund charity has remained active, supporting their island community and helping to protect their pristine environment. Some of their recent accolades include starting renovations of the primary school which, with the money from guests staying, they built, repaired desks, replaced the glass windows, put in new doors and gave the whole building a new lick of paint – the school is now used by over 400 children. With a new school year starting, they now have 38 students attending the high school in Mozambiques Vilanculos and 3 students in vocational college in in Inhambane, all of which was supported by Azura and ultimately every single person that has previously stayed at Azura Benguerra and any other Azura properties.

Regular beach clean ups are an ongoing project, to keep the beaches looking as pristine and beautiful as possible, with the knock effect benefitting all the wildlife and local flora and fauna, this is also linked with supporting African Parks with their local initiatives as well. Finally, the ongoing support and maintenance of the health clinic built by Azura with the proceeds coming from generous guests and any guest that has stayed at their properties knowing they are contributing to an extremely good cause which is incredibly effective.

All guests who stay at any of the Azura properties have the chance to go on any community island drive to visit the school and learn about these initiatives. These will all be guided by Azura’s incredible staff members that grew up on the island themselves. 76% of the staff working at Azura are from the island themselves so anyone visiting Azura Benguerra or Quilalea can be safe in the knowledge that you are most definitely in safe hands, but also know that every bit of passionate information told to you by the staff is from the heart and factual correct. How wonderful!

Finally, one last thing we would like you all to know about the fabulous environmentally beneficial activities Azura are doing is sustainability. They are currently busy installing the first Tesla powered solar array in Mozambique. Going live in less than a month – July 2021 – it will generate a whopping 400KW from 3,200 m2 of solar panels, enough to fully power the hotel, even with 22 swimming pools and an air-conditioning in all of their villas. The climate of Mozambique definitely helps with this, but also, working alongside nature is utterly wonderful – a symbiotic relationship we would say!

If you would like to book your stay at any of the wonderful Azura properties in Mozambique, please do get in contact with us at The Luxury Safari Company, we are dying to talk to you about it all!