It was around this time last year that we were about to embark on one of our many trips away, this time a year ago we would have been preparing to visit Zimbabwe, mainly to Hwange and Victoria Falls. The team has been to many other places this year already; South Africa, Zambia & Kenya to name but a few. People often ask us why we do so many visits to Africa, our main reason being is we need to ensure all the properties we suggest to clients are of top quality and it is also to educate us on the new conservation projects they have going on as well as any new features and unique activities they may have in the works. We experience all of these so we are completely clued up on everything, even any new flight routings and/or planes they have in operation so we can ensure you, our clients, that we have experienced all you need to know before you head out on your once in a lifetime trip, and that there will be no unexpected surprises along the route. If there are any unexpected surprises, you can be safe in the knowledge that our expertise and experience in these areas means that you will be in very safe hands.

Covid threw a huge spanner in the works over the last 2 years, but we have made sure we have all the up-to-date information at every stage of this process. Even down to the right PCR checks points at each camp and whether a lateral flow will suffice. We were one of the few travel agencies who travelled throughout this period, not only to support the camps and lodges we work with, but to ensure those who could travel at each stage of the Covid process was just so and working to high efficiency. In most cases, Africa was incredible with the efforts, they went to to ensure the safety of all people travelling to the countries of their choice and that people felt comfortable too. Personally, we were mightily impressed with every single country in Africa, we felt even more safe abroad than back at home!

We were also incredibly impressed with how the staff in the camp and the managers kept so stoic whilst being immersed within a pandemic. Their attitude to maintain a positive attitude and the joy they expressed when seeing guests arrive at camp was truly enchanting. On top of this, at times throughout visiting the African continent, we were almost the only guests within the reserves – much to the surprise of many of the wildlife – so we were incredibly spoilt with having some fantastic wildlife viewing all to ourselves.

We praise the camps and lodges for their courage in adversity, it is true that some sadly were not able to continue post the pandemic, but many have, and we can assure you, that with regular visits, we can always update you with the goings on within the African continent. We are in no doubt, that wherever we send you, these camps and lodges will look after you as though you are royalty, no problem is too big for these people to ensure you have the best experience possible. We know that because we’ve experienced it for you.