As you know we are always receiving news of new updates from the bush, and we have just had news from a rather remote island just off the coast of Southern Tanzania. Within the SongaSonga Archipelago is the stunning, remote, and beautifully wild Fanjove Island. There has been a luxury lodge on this wonderful spit of land for a while, but it has recently undergone and still undergoing some incredible refurbishments.

This historical island with its 19th century lighthouse – now a newly refurbished and very romantic private dining area – the old outline of what was once a fishing village and really has so much to offer. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and a stunning coral reef with a plethora of marine wildlife to swim alongside and watch, including spinner dolphins, green turtles and even humpback whales. It is a real Robinson Crusoe Island, but with all the elements of luxury one could possibly think of. A place to truly relax and feel inspired by the surrounding earth, wind, and air.

Included within the large refurbishment of Fanjove Island is the new open-air restaurant with a kitchen including all the mod-cons you could wish for to help prepare the most delicious and fresh food, which is inspired by the multicultural heritage of the area. Alongside the restaurant will be the main lounge area where you can relax and take in the stunning sea views with a cooling glass of wine or gin and tonic. On top of this, Fanjove Island’s 19th Century lighthouse will also be one of the top places to enjoy your sundowners from the top of the tower whilst gazing over the superb views as well.

The newly refurbished rooms will represent the eco-friendly ethos of the Selous Safari Company who have been undertaking this work. Each of the ten luxury suites are placed along the shores of the island and are all open fronted so guests won’t miss out on the views. Each of the rooms as well as the restaurant, kitchen and main area will all be powered of solar panels, where they are trying to minimize their impact on the environment but by using nature and all that it gives which in turn means they give back to the environment as well. Each of the buildings on the island are built using natural materials as well, from the likes of mukuti (local palm leaves), thatch and sustainable wood. Each building will be stylish, superbly comfortable, and totally in keeping with the barefoot luxury style the whole island encompasses.

We really cannot wait to step foot on this small paradise off the coast of Southern Tanzania, everything that has been described about the refurbishment makes us giddy with excitement and an impatience that we cannot be there already. This will undoubtedly be one of the top places to escape to post your Tanzanian safari, you may see this special location appear in many more posts to come. If you are interested in planning your safari and like what you hear about Fanjove Island, then please let us know, so we can start planning something exciting for you!