You may have noticed our social media, especially Instagram, last week with announcing the fabulous news that there are certain countries within Africa that have (finally!) lifted the lid on covid precautions. You must be fully vaccinated, but you no longer need to take a PCR test before arrival to the following countries: Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia. We cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with this news. Not only for ourselves, but for many people involved within the travel industry, from those working out in the lodges, to us at home! We can now heave a huge sigh of relief and cannot wait to get started with planning trips for future escapes. Interestingly, whether it is coincidence or the power of social media, we noticed a huge spike of enquiries following our post! Which was such fun!

Making travel out to these countries makes it easier for people to plan, and finally have something to look forward to. Kenya is about to come into its peak season with the migration beginning to arrive in June and July. So, look no further to perhaps enjoying a stay at some of the following places – now that they are super easy to get to!

Offbeat Mara is one of the best places to explore the migration as well as many other fabulous wildlife sightings. Everyone at The Luxury Safari Company has enjoyed staying here, the guides are phenomenal and the whole relaxed feel of the tented camp itself brings memories of what it may have been like back in the days when people first travelled to Africa – it has a certain magic about the place. Each room is a traditional, but cosy, canvas tented suites, all with en-suite flushing loos and bucket showers. The food is delicious, and you cannot help but feel inspired with the wonderful team who will ensure you stay will be one you won’t forget. Located in their own private concession, which means you won’t have to contend with the crowds you are likely to meet when being in the main reserve, but it does mean you will often get wildlife viewings all to yourself. Offbeat Mara has a couple of resident lion prides surrounding the camp which makes for some spectacular game viewing.

Botswana has also opened its doors and here are a few options that make tickle those travelling taste buds! Duba explorers camp is one of our top, traditional, and incredibly luxurious tented camps within the Delta. Duba Explorers has a magic to it which is unlimited, it’s location within the famous Okavango Delta means there are no people but tonnes of wildlife. Duba Explorers has some of the top guides within Botswana, so you can rest assured that your experience, even the small parts, will be one of learning and fascination.

Of course, there is also South Africa and Namibia to consider as well. If you would like to find out more information on any of the camps we have mentioned within this blog, or if you are seeking more advise and information any of the top lodges and camps within Namibia and South Africa, then do drop us a line!