News from the Jabulani Wilderness

A soulful Safari Experience

Jabulani lodge is to launch a fully equipped kosher kitchen in Big 5 game reserve to be able to produce the finest South African kosher meals in the wilderness.

Following great demand for kosher cuisine from visiting safari guests, Jabulani’s new kosher kitchen will be able to cater for Jewish dinners. The lodge will dedicate space to two kitchens strictly for kosher food. One side will be for dairy only and the other side for meat only. Each kitchen will be fully equipped with brand new well-labelled equipment.

Guests will be able to bring their own kosher chef to the lodge, should they wish, to work alongside the head chef in creating some of the finest South African kosher meals imagined using use local products, including biltong, a variety meats, fresh produce, and chocolate.

This new addition to Jabulani acknowledges the importance of inclusivity and catering for all needs, as much as possible. The Jabulani team hope to encourage more Jewish travellers to enjoy a comfortable, personalised safari at the lodge, in a supportive and welcoming environment.

In other news sustainability has always been Jabulani and HERD’s number one priority and they are constantly working on conserving and improving the wilderness we call home and ensuring that we do our part to be as kind to the earth and as sustainable as possible. With the incredible weather in the Hoedspruit area, the next mission is the implementation of a solar plant. Jabulani’s aim is to move off-grid and run the entire operation on sustainable energy. This will include the lodge, elephant homestead and all staff housing. Jabulani was built on the foundation of rescuing and reintroducing orphaned elephants to new herds. This can be tricky, as elephants decide whether they accept a new elephant to their herd. However, over the past 20 years, Jabulani has successfully reintroduced orphaned elephants into new herds.

Everything at Jabulani is centred around leaving a light ecological footprint and making a difference. This includes the eco-friendly lodge design, bana grass plantation project, elephant dung eco-projects, water conservation, recycling, and wildlife conservation.

The Jabulani Jabuladies project was initiated by Jubulani owner, Adine Roode, and aims to inspire, enlighten, and empower women from the Jabulani team and their local communities to create a unique collection of hand-embroided items. Their work provides an additional source of income which in turn helps to uplift their communities.

Jabulani has been instrumental in the support and preservation of the rhinoceros’s population since its successful introduction to the Kapama Game Reserve in 1989. A game relocation programme was introduced, and as a result the Kapama Game Reserve today supports a wide variety of wildlife including elephant, buffalo, rhino and large populations of giraffe, impala, blue wildebeest, and Kudu.

Finally, a new Assistant Manager at Jabulani has been appointed -Elinda van Lelyveld comes with a wealth of experience and a fresh outlook on the lodge industry.