Kenya is one of the easiest and wildlife diverse countries to choose as a destination for a safari. There are of course tonnes of other fascinating countries to choose from throughout Africa, but as a starting place, Kenya is up there. In the north, within the beautiful Samburu region, you will find a menagerie of different animals to those that frequent the southern part of Kenya; from the strange Gerenuk, with its unusual and very elongated neck, perfectly designed to reach the fresh buds of plants within trees the normal grazers cannot reach, the Grevy’s zebra, a larger more mule like version of the common zebra with thinner stripes that stop on their tummies.

The top places we would recommend for staying within this area are Saruni Samburu, a stunning lodge located up high on one of the unusual Kopjes overlooking the Samburu, with spacious rooms and interiors reminiscent of the area it is within. The cultural experiences here are also incredible, not only are your guides members of Samburu tribe, adorned in intricate and unique headpieces, with a wicked sense of humour to boot!

Our other top stay is Sasaab Lodge. With hints of African culture throughout with a Moroccan and Arabic twist within their interior, it has a real sense of luxuriousness throughout. Enjoy quad biking along the dried-up river bed (season dependant!), as well as take a camel ride towards your sundowner. You even have the chance to follow the local Lion researchers and ask first-hand questions about the prides they follow. You can also enjoy some time in the local Samburu villages as well, who are always delighted to show you how their culture differs from others, they are wonderful people and truly fascinating, we can assure you your head will be bursting with fascinating new knowledge following your time in the Samburu.

Venture further south and you reach Lewa, famously known as one of the best places for rhino research and conservation projects. Sirikoi is one of the most luxurious places to stay, with sumptuously designed tented suites, as well as a couple of larger cottages for familes or groups of friends. A stunning main area to boot, with relaxing chairs to snuggle into and a large fire to take the chill out of those colder evenings. The food at Sirikoi is out of this world and it is well worth your time to check out the onsite garden and vegetable patch – it’s not just a patch and is something Sirikoi is very proud of (the head gardener is fascinating to talk about hybrid fruits he is experimenting with.

Next week we will venture down into the Masai Mara and over towards the east, to Amboseli where you will meet the giants of the marshes, here about the migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebra in the mara. There are endless things to discover within Kenya, the cultural diversity is incredible as well as the wildlife viewing opportunities. We cannot vouch for this country as one of the top places to visit, especially if you haven’t been on safari before and even for those well versed safari goers.