Camel Safaris are becoming ever more popular, this unique experience aboard the affectionately titled ‘ship of the desert’ allows riders to access terrain unaccessible to vehicles whilst silently observing, otherwise elusive, wildlife.  The gentle lull of a camel padding its way across the plain is almost hypnotic, read on to discover the four safaris we believe do it best.

Helen Dufresne camel safaris – Wild Frontiers

Located in Northern Kenya in an area still largely unexplored, and hosted by Helen Douglas Dufresne, her partner Pete llsely and their loyal Samburu crew. Together they make Wild Frontiers a formidable team. Helen a born and raised Kenyan, is well known and respected in the area and has walked the length and breadth of this part  of northern Kenya. Her knowledge of the flora and fauna in the areas in which you will walk is unsurpassed, and her deep understanding of the Samburu traditions will lend a new dimension to your safari experience.  Guests ability, fitness range and interests very much determine routes taken, but will include the hills and lower ground of the breathtaking Matthews and Ndoto ranges.

Sasaab Lodge camel safaris

This Moroccon influenced lodge sits on a rocky ridge above the banks of the mighty Ewaso Nyiro river in north-central Kenya. Home to the Buffalo Springs National Reserves, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. Choosing a Camel Safari at Sasaab gives guests a unique vantage point with which to witness an astounding number of animals from huge majestic elephant to lion, leopard and cheetah and the ‘Samburu Special Five’: the Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Gerenuk antelope and Somali ostrich. Accommodation after a long day in the saddle is offered in the form of 9 luxury suites each with private pool, large open air bathroom and garden or verandah on which to relax and relive the days adventures!

Sarara Camp camel safaris

Sarara is a community owned camp set off the beaten track in the foothills of the Matthews Range.  Camel trekking is a feature at Sarara and can be organised along with an unforgettable night or two’s fly camping, exploring the fringes of the many sand luggas in the area and possibly visiting the ‘singing wells’, where Samburu gather with their herds through the drier months.  Accommodation is under canvas, in one of 6 spacious tents each with open air bathroom and private verandah.  The camp also boasts a fabulous natural rock swimming pool which sits perched above a waterhole attracting a good variety of game throughout the day.

Ol Malo camel safaris

Ol Malo is a privately-owned game sanctuary on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River, The plains and dense bush round Ol Malo contain an enormous number of species – some unique to the area. Camel safaris here allow guests to access more remote areas that vehicles cannot get to, giving riders the opportunity to witness up close  the wonders of buffalo, beisa oryx, impalas, reticulated giraffes, water bucks, elands and zebras under the direction of their Samburu guide.  Four luxurious en-suite guest cottages each with a private veranda provide the guests accommodation, nestled between the rocks along the cliff. Built of natural rock and ancient olive wood with thatched roofs, they provide tasteful and comfortable accommodation. Views from each cottage are breathtakingly beautiful!