Ol Malo

Location: Privately owned game sanctuary, Laikipia, Northern Kenya
Style: Luxury lodge
Highlights: Samburu people, conservation and flexibility in activities
Dining: Meals eaten together or separately
What’s the difference: The ultimate remote lodge in Northern Kenya offering a fantastic insight into the how the colonials work with the Samburu to dramatically improve their lifestyle.
The Luxury Safari Company Award for: Best infinity pool.

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Ol Malo is perched high up on an escarpment overlooking 5000 acres of magical bush country, teeming with game and elusive antelope. Owned and run by the Francombe family Ol Malo offers true glimpse into the heart of life in Kenya and the lives of the nomadic Samburu tribe. Once a cherished home, this lodge is now the pinnacle of luxury in Laikipia, a world renowned sanctuary for wild animals.

The lodge was built using natural materials, and is warm, hospitable and friendly – guests are made to feel at home from the outset, and everything is truly set up so you can do what you want when you want.

Beautiful lawns run down to the cliff edge, to provide a stunning view of the watering hole below which is a hive of activity for the resident wildlife. Each cottage has a private verandah and the swimming pool adds to the beauty and comfort, as a quick dip cools those hot days. Large picture windows in each room frame the vast ever changing landscape and provide unlimited views of soaring eagles, wildlife on the plains, and the African sky. Activities include everything from fishing, to horse riding, to game drives, as well as a fascinating and friendly cultural aspect, which is a must see, as the characterful Samburu tribe welcome you into their home and land.

The Ol Malo Trust is a successful organization which was set up in response to the great hardships to the community, caused by drought and other issues, the Ol Malo Trust makes accurate and continuous assessment of the local communities needs, and by raising money, provides funding to install wells, schools and medical practices.

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