Ummm, just why wouldn’t you?! Oh, sorry, you probably can’t ride – yes, I suppose that’s a good excuse – well maybe learn to ride?! There we go, now you can go on a horse safari! Safaris are of course fantastic within your 4×4 vehicles and perhaps a tiny bit safer, but even then, there is an element of risk when coming face to face with an elephant or perhaps a lion. In all honesty, there is nothing you do in life without an element of risk.

We would advise a horse safari for people who know horses and who are strong riders, this will make your experience that bit more special and fun when you are galloping across the flat plains of the Masai Mara, running alongside giraffe, wildebeest and herds of zebra (speaking from a tiny bit of experience!)

I myself, am a massive fan of riding safari’s – this is how my love for Africa first began. I spent a short time in South Africa working as a backup guide for a horse safari in a small and stunning reserve called Karongwe. It was at Wait a Little Horse Safari I spent a while on horseback having close encounters with playful lion’s cubs chasing us as we kicked up dust galloping or ‘bush-whacking’ through the undergrowth. Turning around a corner and coming face to face with a herd of elephant, who move very quickly and unbelievably quietly through the bush. Even the small elements are magical, seeking out tracks on the dusty pathways, then coming across a frog or dung beetle meandering his way across the track in front of you. The sights, sounds and smells become more apparent when you are clip clopping methodically through the African bush, you really can’t miss anything when there is no engine noise to worry about – this in itself is pure bliss.

There are many other places throughout Africa you can enjoy the delights of safaris from the back of a horse, if you can, it really is a bucket list experience that has to be ticked off. I spent time in the Masai Mara whilst staying at Mara Expeditions and Mara Plains I joined Ali and Martin who not only have the most phenomenal stables but absolutely beautifully schooled horses that suit almost any riding ability. You are required to fill out a form about your previous experience with riding before you go, height, weight etc etc they will then watch for a few laps of the school on a horse they think you are suited to and then bobs your uncle, you are let loose out on the plains of the Mara! (not on your own of course!)

Again, if you head further north of the Masai Mara, you will encounter Lewa and then Offbeat Safaris where you can enjoy the same delights of galloping side by side with giraffe and the likes of other plains game.

Now the one you should be aiming for at the moment is Unlimited Safaris in Kenya – they have just released an unbelievable array of special offers for certain dates within the Masai Mara for 8 x nights on the following dates:

1 – 9 July 2019

15 – 23 August 2019

3 – 11 September

Short Masai Mara ride (6 x nights)

10 – 16 January 2019

23 – 29 June 2019

21 – 27 July 2019

Or how about The Lollboran Ride for 6 x nights which is a ride in the northern part of Kenya booked privately. Do let get in contact if you would like to begin planning your trip for the ultimate safari experience on horseback – this does come with a warning however, you will become hooked and you will want to return!