Liuwa Plains in Zambia is unknown, untouched and unpopulated by tourist camps – they are currently running a seasonal camp there with set departures for a very small number of people which makes visiting this place even more exclusive. We love trying to get people into the most remote and wild places on any luxury safari as this is usually where all the wildlife is and its bliss to see it all with absolutely no people – what more could one want? Here are the reasons we believe everyone should try and put Liuwa on their hit list for 2016 and 2017.

The Space
Everyone associates open rolling plains with the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, but there are also vast open spaces in Zambia too and none more so than Liuwa Plains. Here the vistas are endless and the flat land is inspiring in how stereotypically African it is.

No People

There is literally no one here, just loads and loads of space.

The Wildlife

They have a huge wildebeest migration here which is second only to East Africa’s migration in both size and drama. Liuwa is home to tonnes of hungry cheetah, wild dog and hyena who all thrive here thanks to the vast stretches of open plains and wilderness. The wild dog and hyena action here is particularly spectacular and best of all you will be the only people there.

The Camps

In 2017 an extremely luxurious camp run and owner by Norman Carr will be operating, it will still be very small in size so the area remains exclusive – for now however you can take time there by staying in their rustic seasonal camp which is very comfortable, remote and wild – a true privilege to see.