No one does luxury tented camps like Africa, they have tried in India and to give them their due some of those are exceptional, but they don’t come close to the luxury tented safari camps Africa is so famous for. These tented camps, often in incredibly remote locations, offer a romance and feeling of the old style of travel which you cannot find anywhere else. They now have all mod cons, and are exceptionally comfortable (sometimes even more so than the lodges), but also offer a chance to experience a true pristine wilderness, far from the madding crowd – wildlife will often wonder past your tent, and you will never feel as alive as you on a luxury tented safari in Africa. Here are five of the best luxury tented camps in Africa:

1            Richard’s River Camp, Masai Mara – Kenya

This haven is one of the quirkiest, most luxurious and enchanting tented camps in all of Africa and it’s location in the Mara North Conservancy means you get all the amazing wildlife viewing of the famous Masai Mara, but none of the people. The camp’s style is unique and every effort has been made to forego nothing – the atmosphere is relaxed and you feel immediately at home. The guides and staff are all local Masai and their knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. Richard’s River Camp is located in a small valley so pretty it will take your breath away, and due to the small stream in front of camp there is often game directly in front of your luxury tent. Watch the video.. but be aware it’s six years old – this camp is completely different now.

2            Cottars 1920s Camp, Masai Mara – Kenya

This world famous luxury tented camp in it’s own private conservancy in the Masai Mara really does take you back to the grand safaris of yesteryear – everything in this camp was used by Africa’s first great explorers and the camp is still owner run. It is so romantic and fills you with such nostalgia you’ll never want to leave. Lounge in their old fashioned canvas bath tubs and feel like the first great men and women who explored this vast unknown area, encountering only tonnes and tonnes of wildlife.

3            Chindeni, South Luangwa – Zambia

This luxury tented camp is set in one of the most remote parts of the South Luangwa, so again you avoid the people but have wonderful views of the Chindeni Mountains, and game viewing is exclusive and private. The rooms are elevated above a small lagoon, and the canvas walls and roofs provide an excellent atmosphere of romance and wilderness. Although the game down here is not as abundant as in the central parts of the South Luangwa, to spend time with absolutely no one else around is priceless and what you do see, you will see alone.

4            Sausage Tree Camp, Lower Zambezi – Zambia

Sausage Tree is one of Africa’s best luxury tented camps with white canvas stretching from the roof, and with stunning views of the Zambezi. Here you will be utterly spoilt for elephant and hippo viewing, and will see leopard and lion too. The camp is relaxed and informal with exquisite food and huge rooms which all have verandahs above the Zambezi itself. Sausage Tree have some of the best guides in Africa, their knowledge is unbelievable and they know the Lower Zambezi like the back of their hands – it is a pure pleasure to go out on a game drive with them.

5            San Camp, Makgadikgadi Pans – Botswana

San Camp is also made up of white Moroccan tents and it is so beautiful it looks like a mirage on this vast lunar landscape in central Botswana. Here the emphasis is on walking, quad biking, meeting the meerkats and meeting the ancient tribe of the San bushmen. This camp has a magic about it, which is hard to quantify, and which multiplies at night when you can clearly see the milky way. San Camp has long been known as one of the most picturesque camps in all of Africa, and indeed the world.